10 Excuses That Keeps Us From Becoming Successful

10 Excuses That Keeps Us From Becoming Successful

We are capable of accomplishing anything and everything our minds can imagine! Then what is holding us back? What prevents us from taking our first step?

What we consider to be the CAUSE of failure or BARRIER to the destination is nothing but various masquerades of EXCUSE.

Excuse convinces you to accept failure over success. It justifies your inaction and fear of failure, makes you arrogant to mark error and cocky to identify the opportunity, finds impossibility in anything and discourages you from transforming your dreams into reality.

1. It is very difficult

2. I am too young or too old to go for it

3. Nobody takes me seriously or I have been rejected

4. I am not that much educated

5. I don’t know how

6. I don’t have time

7. He/she is responsible for my failure

8. It is very risky

9. What if/could/would

10. The idea is not perfect or might not work.

Source: Legit.ng

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