Avon Medical supports Nigerian women with female-health webinar on PCOS

Avon Medical supports Nigerian women with female-health webinar on PCOS

Avon Medical, leading multi-speciality practice and a growing healthcare network, hosted a special webinar on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, from 12 pm to 1 pm on Zoom in commemoration of PCOS Awareness Month.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as PCOS, is a major condition that affects women in several ways, but usually is under-recognized or misdiagnosed, until women develop other complications or experience difficulties in getting pregnant.

Avon Medical supports Nigerian women with female-health webinar on PCOS
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Every year, the month of September is celebrated as PCOS Awareness Month to share knowledge about the condition, encourage women to get tested, and dispel common myths about the syndrome. This year, Avon Medical used its platform to show support to Nigerian women by hosting a free health webinar on the topic, “Understanding PCOS and Why You Should Care About It’.

Speaking on the event, Dr Lilian Ekpo, The Medical Director at Avon Medical Practice, said, “Through our webinar, we sought to shed more light on PCOS and its impact on women. As a condition without a cure, it is vital for women to learn more about PCOS and how it can be managed, living full, healthy lives.

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Our in-house gynaecologist, Dr Raymond Takpe shared many insights and answered many questions at the webinar to people who were desperately searching for it. We are thankful to be able to use our platform as a leading healthcare provider to share knowledge within our communities.

Attendees at the webinar shared their joy about Avon Medical using its platform to share awareness about the condition, which is often underdiagnosed in women. At the end of the session, Avon Medical announced that it would be giving select women free gynaecology consultations on its online telemedicine platform also as a way to support women with the condition.

Shekinah Olagunju, The Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Avon Medical, commented, “At Avon Medical Practice we are committed, not just to the medical healing of our patients, but to their total wellbeing. Our vision is to improve lives across Africa by providing quality healthcare and a superior patient experience. We are planning many exciting health campaigns for everyone to look forward to joining.

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To learn more about the work we do, kindly follow us on our social media pages: Instagram; @avonmedicalpractice, LinkedIn; Avon Medical Practice, and Facebook; Avon Medical Practice or visit our website www.avonmedical.com”.

Headquartered in Lagos, Avon Medical is a multi-speciality healthcare network dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services with the best patient experience. Avon Medical offers an extensive range of facilities including a full-service hospital, multiple on-site clinics across five states in Nigeria, a state-of-the-art dialysis centre, a reputable pharmacy, a laboratory, and an online teleconsultation platform.


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