5 Facts about Eritrea Where Men are Allegedly Mandated by Law to Marry at Least 2 Wives or Face Prison

5 Facts about Eritrea Where Men are Allegedly Mandated by Law to Marry at Least 2 Wives or Face Prison

While, it was widely reported that the government of Eritrea passed a law making it compulsory for men to marry at least 2 wives or face life imprisonment, Legit.ng confirmed that such a law is not in existence.

However, there are interesting facts about the country that won't hurt to know and will definitely blow your mind.

No official language and 4 other facts about Eritrea where men were allegedly mandated to marry at least 2 wives
The country was colonized by Italy Photo Credit: EyeGambia, Pulse, Punch
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Legit.ng presents 5 facts about the small African country.

1. It has never held a presidential or national election since its independence

Eritrea gained independence in 1993 but has never held a presidential or national election, World Atlas reports.

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The country has been operating a one-party system and has had only one president since its independence who is identified as Isaias Afwerki.

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2. Eritrea has no official language

As incredible as it may sound, Eritrea has no official language.

World Atlas reports that the Eritrea constitution affirms that all languages are equal in the country.

Languages widely communicated in Eritrea are English and Tigrinya. The government does not recognize the language of its colonial master.

3. Eritrea was colonized by Italy

BBC News has it that Eritrea was colonized by Italy in 1890.

Britain however took over during the Second World War in 1941.

The country was later on administered as a United Nations trust territory by Britain until the year 1952.

4. How the country derived its name

According to World Atlas, Eritrea's name is based on the Red Sea's Greek name.

The name was adopted in the year 1890 when it was an Italian colony.

5. More than 30% of its freedom fighters are women

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Women made over 30% population of the country's freedom fighters, World Atlas reports.

This goes to say that the female folk played an active role in the nation's fight for independence.

Underpopulated Italian region offers people N10m to move in

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that an underpopulated region in Italy was offering people N10m to move in.

The condition for the payment is that the village must have over 2,000 inhabitants and before a newcomer qualifies for the payment, he must vow to open a business there.

According to the president of the Molise region, Donato Toma, offering money without the condition for investment will make the whole plan like another charity gesture.

He said that there are no restrictions on the legal business that could be opened in one of the villages, saying that the strategy is targeted at breathing life into the region and increase its population.

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Toma also went further to add that every qualified region would receive €10,000 (€9,000) to help it build infrastructure and facilitate cultural activities.

Source: Legit.ng

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