Secondary School Lovers Whose Parents Never Wanted Them Together Succeeds After 22 Years, Marry Each Other

Secondary School Lovers Whose Parents Never Wanted Them Together Succeeds After 22 Years, Marry Each Other

  • Helen Marshall and Graeme Richardson fell in love as high school sweethearts but their parents opposed their marriage
  • The young lovers grew apart and married other people who they had kids with despite their undying love for each other
  • When they became single again and the opportunity to be with each other presented itself, the two got married

Perhaps, what they say about real love not dying may be true after all. The story of Helen Marshall and Graeme Richardson has proven that.

The two who are now over 40 years old first fell in love when they were teenagers and schoolmates. After dating for about a year, Graeme proposed to her, Goalcast reports

He proposed to her with their old ring.
Their parents never wanted them to marry. Photo source: Good News Network
Source: UGC

Their parents refused

Due to their young age, their parents would not agree to their marriage despite the fact that they both were so much in love.

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They soon lost touch when the young man went away to college. All the letters he wrote to Helen never got to her, Good News Network reports.

Life, like they, happened to them and they both later married other people and had kids. While with their families, the high school sweethearts never forgot their love.

Old love rekindled

Sometimes, they would talk briefly while dropping off their kids at school. More than two decades after, they both got single again and their old love was rekindled.

Graeme kept the ring he had offered her in school then. He proposed to her with the same ring and they got married.

He said the woman completes him and she is the person he has always wanted all his life.

My husband did not pay bride price

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young lady, Nkechi Bianze, on Sunday, July 18, went on Facebook to write about her wedding that took place in Delta state on Saturday, July 17.

The woman said that her husband is an indigen of Imo state. Among the many things that stunned people was when she revealed that no bride price was paid.

Nkechi also never knelt to offer her husband a drink according to the popular rite of the Igbo traditional wedding.

The new wife said that they took out some things from the custom and traditions of her people in such a way that the event suited them.


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