It's Okay to Quit and 4 Other Important Things to Know Before Getting Your First Job

It's Okay to Quit and 4 Other Important Things to Know Before Getting Your First Job

It is no longer news that the labour market is saturated, and there are lots of undergraduates preparing to join the queue. Some will get employed almost immediately after leaving higher institutions while it won't be easy for many.

Courtesy of Yahoo News, has highlighted five important things to know before getting your first job.

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5 important things to know before getting your first job
It is important for employees to caution themselves on credit cards usage. Photo credit: Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post
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1. Your boss is not your friend

While many will be carried away because their bosses are nice to them, it should be noted that the former's biggest priority might be their own boss or the company's performance, and not their subordinates.

Therefore, employees should be prepared to ask for a raise.

2. Credit debt is not normal

Credit cards should be used with caution because using them carelessly means the owners will always be in debt.

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It is not wise to make use of credit cards every time one is broke. Using your credit card every time you are broke will result in a bad credit score.

3. You can afford to save

Employees should endeavour to save no matter how much they collect as salary. The small amount you save today will one day give rise to big things.

Some may be reluctant to save out of their little monthly pay, but it is not wise to wait till you land a good-paying job.

4. Affordability is relative

When you are looking for jobs in a different state, you should make your findings on the average salary for the position.

You should have all the facts before negotiating for the job.

5. There is nothing wrong in quitting your job

It is understandable not to love your first job, so there is nothing wrong in quitting it and searching for something that gives you happiness.

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If you don’t like your first job, learn from it and move on. The worst thing you can do is let your own misery affect your performance and leave a job on bad terms.

Things job seekers must not have on their CVs in 2021 earlier highlighted some things job seekers must remove from their CV in 2021. One of such is career objectives.

According to @therealcvguru, including a career objective in the CV shifts the focus away from what the applicant can do, why the applicant should be hired or what problem they can solve.

She said:

"Most career objectives are generic and only provide the reader with what YOU are seeking or looking for. "Seeking a role that will enable me to utilise my skills within a growing company". Sound familiar?"


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