Jason Njoku Calls For Self Determination Amid Protest to Delist IrokoTV App From Google, Apple

Jason Njoku Calls For Self Determination Amid Protest to Delist IrokoTV App From Google, Apple

  • Nigerians were divided during the weekend as some section in the country wanted IrokoTV dropped by Google and Apple from their app stores
  • The streaming app of the entertainment company survived the scare, as mixed reviews and comments were dropped on Google Playstore and App Store
  • Jason Njoku, the founder of IrokoTV, said the situation demands for self determination and press freedom across the country

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The founder of IrokoTV, Jason Njoku, now has less to worry about after his streaming service was caught in the web of retaliation in the last three days.

What caused threat to Njoku's business?

There was a call for his streaming app to be reported following Google's decision to drop social networking site, Crowwe, from its list of mobile apps available on Playstore.

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Crowwe is owned by Adamu Garba, a critic of Twitter and Jack Dorsey. His utterances after the ban of the social networking site led to many Nigerians reporting his social app.

Jason Njoku, the founder of streaming service, IrokoTV, has called for self determination after protest against his company's app
The founder of IrokoTV, Jason Njoku. Photo: Jason.com.ng
Source: UGC

Bad reviews and complaints were left on Google Play, leading to the delisting of Crowwe, but Garba said he requested for the app to be taken down. Despite his comment, followers of Garba retaliated by reporting many apps, including that of Njoku.

Battle to save or delist IrokoTV

This led to multiple complaints about IrokoTV app on Google Play and App Store. Njoku subscribers, however, responded in his favour by dropping positive reviews.

After escaping the retaliation which threatened his business operation, Njoku said the support he received from Nigerians showed there's a need for self determination.

What Njoku is saying about the escape

He said the support he got wasn't just to save IrokoTV, but to ensure press freedoms, and a collective yearning for Nigeria to be a great secure and happy nation.

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The businessman also apologised for his past remarks about his origin, having stated that he would prefer his children learn a foreign language, as it's more rewarding.

Njoku's statement had been a topic of discussion during the weekend. In his apology, he said:

"Separately I want to take the opportunity to apologize to Ndi Igbo for my glib, immature and unnecessarily hurtful comments a few years back. I am Igbo, I don't think I would ever nor ever attempted to deny that (all my kids bear solidly Igbo names which I personally chose).
"Nonetheless I 100% let you all down and hope with time I can make amends and be forgiven. It was stupid and I am truly sorry. Whatever I write (and tweet) reflects on our entire culture and I dropped the ball on this one. Sorry."

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had previously reported that the World Bank want the Federal Government to increase the cost of petrol in Nigeria to reflect international market price.

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The international financier said Nigerians are not spending enough on fuel within the country. The government has been unable to increase price due to labour threat.

IMF encouraged the government to implement market-based fuel pricing mechanisms and remove subsidy from fuel price.

Source: Legit

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