Douglas James: YouTube Advertising Is Best for Digital Campaigns

Douglas James: YouTube Advertising Is Best for Digital Campaigns

If we call Douglas James a top advertising expert, it will not be an exaggeration. He had already proven himself in the lead generation business and using sales and marketing strategies in the digital environment. After achieving a successful performance through Facebook ads, Douglas James is now focused on promoting advertising campaigns on YouTube. He considers YouTube as the game-changer in generating and retaining traffic for any content whatsoever.

Douglas James: YouTube Advertising Is Best for Digital Campaigns
Douglas James
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Douglas James understands the consumer's mindset, and he has developed ways to engage them. According to Douglas, if you create the right video content and strike the viewers at the right time when they are searching for a solution to a problem, chances are high that they will watch the video. This will increase their inclination towards buying the product being demonstrated.

He added that presently 80% of all online sales are generated through video content. Businesses that are not taking advantage of YouTube video ads will lose.

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For effective lead generation through YouTube adverts, Douglas James has laid down his analysis theory:

1. Target the viewers when they are engaged

YouTube is a video platform and also the most visited search engine after Google. Viewers are highly attentive while watching a video of their interest. So, screen your adverts at the right time - when they are in an indoctrinative state.

2. Create meaningful and relatable adverts

Douglas James emphasizes creating engaging content and its placement on YouTube videos. “There has to be a link between the video an audience is watching and the type of advert content he wants to flash. Moreover, if a video is highly relevant to what the brand’s advert is offering, watchers are more likely to be interested in buying the service or the product", explains Douglas James.

3. Study your competitor’s websites

You can build profiles of your competitor’s audience. This incredible feature is present on YouTube. Hence you can target your adverts directly to that particular traffic.

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4. Make effective use of pre-roll (skippable) ads

According to Douglas James, one has to make effective pre-roll ads that give the option of skipping an advert after 5 seconds. The first 5 seconds of your content need to be very impressive as it will determine whether or not the viewer will watch your content in its entirety. Grabbing their attention, educating them about your product, and finally offering them a reliable solution to their problem should be the crux of the advert.

The secret to tackling marketing through YouTube can be easily summarised as engaging, educating, and providing value to consumers. Douglas James says, “YouTube marketing is the most scalable, dependable, and lucrative platform that I’ve ever witnessed, regardless of what’s going on in the global economy”.

You can connect with Douglas James through his social media handles. He is present on Instagram @the_douglasjames and Twitter @Douglas_james_


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