Dear Sir, Please Don’t Do This Again: Neighbour Takes Photo of Man’s House, Sends Him Powerful Letter

Dear Sir, Please Don’t Do This Again: Neighbour Takes Photo of Man’s House, Sends Him Powerful Letter

- A man shared a photo of the letter his neighbour who does not like the BLM sign in front of his house wrote him

- The anonymous neighbour made sure the printed photo of the house is included for proper illustration

- Many tweeps were vexed by the attitude, saying the person was too cowardly not to have signed the letter

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A young man with the Twitter handle @AjShehata has stirred massive reactions on social media around race as he shared a photo.

According to @AjShehata, a neighbour took a photo of his house, circled the Black Lives Matter (BLM) sign, printed it and wrote him an 'appealing letter'.

In the anonymous letter, the person said that having such a sign in front of his house is not proper behaviour, asking him to imagine if they all had signs to show their causes in the neighbourhood.

Neighbour takes photo of man's house, prints it and writes him powerful letter
Many were surprised by the writer's attitude. Photo source: @AjShehata
Source: Twitter

The letter went ahead to say that the horrible cases of black death are carried out by blacks themselves. After that subtle hateful statement, the person praised the beautiful house.

Read the post below:

As at the time of writing this report, the tweet has gathered over 27,000 likes with thousands of comments on the platform.

Below are some of the reactions:

@Hopkins_Alison said:

"That reeks of entitlement. Every last word of it."

@DonnallSmith said:

"Britain’s form of racism hahahaha so subtle but also very loud."

@paul_haine said:

"I say take the sign down but add a paint job to the roof."

@SybyllaM said:

"Wow. Just wow. I'm sorry your apparent neighbor su*ks so terribly."

@morrispexmouth said:

"Didn’t have the guts to sign it. It’s place should be in the bin with the smarmy way it’s written."

@westcountrybird said:

"I assume they didn’t sign it? How very passive aggressive of them."

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a mother in Russellville, Ark, Deval Brockman, said that her six-year-old daughter, Journei Brockman, was banned from daycare because she put on a shirt with the imprint “Black Lives Matter”.

Journei has been a student of His Kids Preschool for six months before the incident happened.

However, on Friday, June 26, 2020, she was told not to come back to school. Deval said that a school official called her on Thursday, June 29, 2020, that she did agree with the shirt, saying she should not wear such to school again.


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