KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house

KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house

Japanese woman Mari Kondo has never heard of the bestselling book The Magic Cleaning, except to be lazy. It describes a particular way of redesigning the entire dwelling, one that not only optimizes space, but also keeps the house clean for a long time. How do we translate this into reality? Read on.

KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
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ConMarie's Method: Essence, Origin, Basic Rules

Spring is the time to reset, to start something new and intriguing. Since this spring involves quarantine and prolonged stay in four walls, it is better to use the time available for total relaxation.

If you're often surprised that you can't see the results of a full day's cleaning, ConMarie's book Magic Cleaning helps to put everything in place and points out your mistakes:

The ConMarie System: The Essence and Origin of the Method

For many people, cleaning is a constant process. It seems that only yesterday we managed to put everything in place, today the apartment is chaotic again. Mothers with small children feel this particularly well.

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Cleaning for Japanese Marie Kondo, author of the bestseller Magic Cleaning, is rather a system of total reorganization of all movable and immovable property that fundamentally breaks all classic notions of restoring order.

ConMarie's method became so popular, not only in the Land of the Rising Sun, but also beyond, that it made the 35-year-old Japanese girl a dollar millionaire whose books sell at the speed of sound in different parts of the world.

The founder of the method herself still successfully continues writing, maintains a blog, gives private advice on cleaning the house and appears on different talk shows. In 2015, she even made it into Time magazine's list of the world's 100 most influential people.

To better understand the origin of the method, we need to delve into the identity of its author. Marie loved to clean and stack her siblings' belongings from a young age, which often replaced playing with dolls. As a teenager, she realized that order didn't last long. It is not her zeal, or the impurity of the household, but the abundance of unnecessary trifles that fill the dwelling.

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The second stage in the evolution of ConMarie's method was total dilution. But even here, the girl ran into trouble: after a while, she realized that she needed discarded items and had to re-buy them. It was then that the original idea of a new cleaning system emerged, revolutionizing the world.

What is the secret of such dizzying popularity? In a unique and non-trivial way. ConMarie's system is based globally on a single method: leaving only things in the house that make their owner happy. And eliminate the rest of the little things without pity or consideration. So the essence of cleaning is to get rid of unnecessary things and to understand where to store them:

In putting your house in order, you're putting your affairs and your past in order. As a result, he is very clear about what he wants in life, what he doesn't want, what he should and shouldn't do.

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Cleaning Up ConMarie: The Grand Rules

KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
Source: UGC

Cleaning up ConMarie isn't the endless advice about how to remove stains of rust from the tap and how to choose a gentle detergent for your ceramic stove. It is a clear system of precepts that allow you to put your house, life, and soul in order.

Here are some basic rules to follow to reorganize your living space:

  1. Don't stretch the cleaning in time, clean everything up at a stroke.
  2. Don't involve your relatives, do it yourself.
  3. One category of things in one approach.
  4. Sort through documentation and ruthlessly get rid of unnecessary paperwork.
  5. Take the garbage out first and then remove it.

We'll discuss these simple rules of the ideal house below:

  • Cleaning ConMarie in one approach.

For many people, the general cleaning takes several days, and for some, months. It seems like you spent the whole day sorting your clothes in the closet, draining your bathroom fittings and laying out your children's toys, with zero results. This demoralizes and delays the next clean-up for even longer. So what is wrong?

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ConMarie's method of cleaning involves eliminating anything unnecessary in one go. Set aside a small amount of time a day or week, depending on the condition of the apartment, and get on with it. Only then will you see the real results of your efforts. This is the only way to prevent the backlash. Only then can you change the course of thought and the way you live.

  • Don't involve your relatives.

Many popular psychologists sincerely believe that working together strengthens family relationships. This is why many women involve both men and children in the dilution process. Cleaning the house using ConMarie's method implies complete individualization and isolation of the process.

Do the cleaning consciously and independently, without interfering with the cleaning process of a man or child. Also, don't let anyone look at the things you throw away. And much less do you try to give them to relatives or the poor. In practice, such clothing or paraphernalia is seldom used anyway, so the initiative does not bring any positive changes.

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  • Cleaning by ConMarie: by category at a time.

Most people clean an apartment based on its zoning. Normally, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or bedroom, then slowly move into the living room and then redirect your efforts to the bathroom.

Marie Kondo's method declares the opposite approach. You should not start from the areas of the house but from the categories of things. For example, clothes can hang on the back of a chair in the bedroom, in the hallway closet and in the living room closet. Identify the key category of things that interest you the most, and remove it from every room. Throw away the unwanted boldly; store the necessary in an accessible place.

KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
Source: UGC
  • Eliminate the documentation.

Although this rule sounds quite categorical, it is not at all about getting rid of documents altogether. Of course, it is important to collect at home all paper checks, guarantees, coupons, tickets, operating instructions, rules and regulations, ID cards, and checkbooks.

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After that, you need to get the papers in order, ruthlessly discarding those you no longer need. Keep what is left in a vertical state, folding it in special hard folders. This will help you avoid chaos in the future and avoid restarting the process of home flooding.

  • First you get rid of the extra, and then you clean up.

ConMarie's final cleaning rule sounds like this. The worst thing you can do is spread your strength across a number of tasks at once. This would waste resources and produce inadequate results.

Cleaning ConMarie suggests getting rid of things that are neither good nor fun, and then starting with the classic cleaning of the space. Throw away all of the excess without fear or regret as soon as the garbage bag is filled to the brim. That way, you won't be able to pull something out of it at the last minute that you think is valuable.

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Author of Magic Cleaning argues:

When we get our house in order, we start living in our natural state. We choose things that give us joy, and we value things that are truly precious in our lives. Nothing brings greater happiness than doing such simple and natural things. If it is luck, then I am convinced that cleaning up the house is the best way to achieve that goal.

This inspiring quote by Marie Kondo resonated in the hearts of many cleanliness lovers and helped to transform their personal world for the better.

ConMarie method: principles of sorting, storing, and storing things

ConMarie's book, The Magic Cleaning, became a bestseller not just because of its uniqueness, but also because of its simplicity. General cleaning of the room or the house has become available for everyone to do, without the use of cleaners or cleaners. You are the best organiser of your space, and nobody but you can do the job better.

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Here are the basic principles of the method:

ConMarie: Disposal of unwanted items

How do you know you need to get rid of this particular thing? Take it in your hands and ask yourself: What do I feel about the subject, does it make me happy, does it fill me with joy? If the answer is yes, then the thing is worth continuing to raise your spirits. If the answer is no, leave her without fear or regret.

The categories of things that should be recycled exactly are:

  • subjects that duplicate each other;
  • things that disturb or irritate;
  • clothes you don't wear for more than a year or don't like;
  • objects that are dusted around corners for a long time and are not used regularly more than once a month;
  • attributes of the interior that cause uncomfortable associations with unpleasant events in life.

The cleaning system for ConMarie also involves unconditional disposal of:

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  • expired medicines and cosmetics;
  • empty containers (boxes, cans, bottles, bottles and packages from under anything);
  • Broken things and electronics;
  • unsightly clothing and shoes (do not leave them to carry at home);
  • unnecessary printing, such as brochures and brochures.

And remember to thank the thrown thing for its diligent service, thereby bringing its life cycle to an end.

Cleaning system: how to store things correctly

KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
KonMarie: a method for cleaning the house
Source: UGC

The main cherry on ConMarie's cake is the special storage technique. It's important to keep things in small, compact drawers. They are fixed and limited in size, so as not to accumulate rubbish.

Marie Kondo also emphasizes that vertical storage is much more convenient than conventional horizontal storage. Fold things into categories and roll them into small rolls and place them in a drawer vertically. That way, you can see all the filling of your wardrobe immediately, without leaving a single pair of trousers or dress unattended.

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It would be great to fold things according to their colors, which will make it much easier to find complementary pairs in terms of color. You can also group things:

  • Blouses;
  • Trousers;
  • jackets and jackets;
  • Shirts and dresses.

Look for a separate wardrobe sector for each item type, and sort bags according to size or frequency of use.

Likewise, fold sheets and pillowcases into vertical rectangles. In the bathroom, remove cosmetics and hygiene items from the side of the wet zone. The increased temperatures and steam shorten their shelf life, so it's best to place your favorite jars inside special lockers. Agree:

When we put the house in order, the air inside becomes fresher and cleaner. Reducing the amount of things in our space also reduces the amount of dust. And when our space is completely clean, we don't have to worry about cleaning up much anymore, so we are free to focus on the next important issues in our lives.

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ConMarie's cleaning technique is a philosophy that involves understanding yourself and your inner motivations, setting goals and priorities, and the eternal desire of the person to make the world around him better and more harmonious.

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