What is a karmic relationship and can it actually work in real life?

What is a karmic relationship and can it actually work in real life?

A karmic relationship is unique and different. It may not be the easiest bond to endure because it comes with numerous challenges, but it leaves you a better person whose next engagement will be near-perfect since all past emotional baggage are sorted out.

what is a karmic relationship
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It almost feels as though karmic relationships are meant to oppress you and make you feel burdened. You hardly enjoy your partner's company since you are always fighting about one thing or the other.

Peace is the last reward you get from such an association. But why is this so?

What is a karmic relationship?

This is the kind of association whose end goal is to have those involved learning something that would help them grow spiritually. It is never easy when beginning with slight disagreements that could blow into massive arguments.

It is common to hear cases of people being stuck and hardly know what to do to get out. While defining karmic relationships may be difficult, most people can identify with the symptoms that are associated with it.

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An example of such a relationship is where two people are passionately and madly in love with each other, but keep struggling to maintain their link despite mutual feelings. The difficulties could be too many that they question if it is worth pursuing it.

However, both have a great lesson to learn about love, and it is only through the difficult situations that they can do this. They tend to hang on until it is impossible to do so anymore.

How long does a karmic relationship last?

can karmic relationships work
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The fact that this type of relationship is supposed to be viewed from a spiritual growth lens, it should not last longer than necessary. Once someone learns his or her lesson, the bond needs to come to an end to avoid any misfortunes and heartaches.

Unfortunately, sometimes these engagements take longer than they should; hence those involved end up getting hurt. Do not let the problems stay on too long when you can opt-out after learning your lesson.

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How do you know if it's a karmic relationship?

Every bond between two people is unique and exceptional. People decide whether or not they are comfortable dating each other depending on the gains they reap from the connection they have agreed to get into.

It is possible to know which kind of relationship you are in. If you see certain repetitive patterns that seem to recur even with different solutions, then you can conclude.

Certain traits will be repeating in your relationship every time. In case you notice that your partner does not care about your needs or wants, then you can bet that you are on your own.

Other noticeable characters are unending struggles and quarrels, one-sided love, and short-lived relationships.

What is the purpose of a karmic relationship?

These relationships are meant to teach you a lesson and help you grow. Karmic relationships are a cycle that needs to be broken for one to grow spiritually.

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It is typically the kind of alliance that challenges us, and also serves as an opportunity to step into the most powerful version. The goal is to learn from the dynamic.

The painful parts of a karmic relationship will allow anyone that goes through the process to undergo a profound transformation.

Can karmic relationships work?

Knowing that such bonds come with obvious difficulties, the big question for most people would whether or not they would actually work? With karma being described as an emotionally imbalanced history with people or oneself, such connections will work, albeit differently.

Karma could be anything from ex-partners that refuse to let go, places of hurt, and pain in your life, or even disruptive anger bouts. As such, karmic relationships are meant to address such issues in a way that they make you a better person.

You may also consider karma as God's tough love for people. When you need to be emotionally stable and have to learn things the hard way, then a karmic relationship comes in handy.

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When karma is involved in any relationship, there is no running away from the emotional torture. The karmic connection is strong such that the emotional trauma is inevitable.

Those in such links seem to have fewer options since, but they still need to stand up and face the issues head-on regardless of the outcome.

Karmic relationship symptoms

karmic relationship signs
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When you know what karmic relationships are, looking out for karmic relationship signs can help you handle a situation that could have gotten out of hand in a better way. One of the obvious signs includes having doubts about being in one or not. Others are mentioned below.

1. They repeat patterns

The first major sign is that you are always on and off your relationship. You seem to have an issue that warrants you taking a break every time it gets overwhelming.

You should consider it a red flag if the issues keep arising in repetitive patterns more so if they tend to keep you stagnated.

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2. Selfishness rules

Relationships are supposed to be about putting your partner first. However, karmic relationships are different and appear as though one partner slaves for the other since only one person's needs seem to matter most.

Sadly, this kind of relationship has no boundaries. Partners do not have a sense of healthy boundaries and majorly focus on their self-interest and needs as opposed to thinking about the partner.

These relationships are a perfect definition of what an abusive or co-dependent relationship complex would be like. Usually, one of the partners will be well invested while the other person enjoys it only because of its convenience.

3. The relationship is addictive

In most cases, such relationships are characterized by highs and lows, which are often filled by passionate intensity. Usually, the partners may not be in love but love the idea of love as painted in books, social media, as well as how it all works for their professional status.

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It is all superficial and thin-lined, and there are no true emotions.

4. Partners are controlling

In most cases, one of the partners feels entitled and will do his or her best to control the other. Usually, they make the other person their center of attention and the main source of your happiness.

The oppressed partner can put the other one on a pedestal, hence will be unable to realize any mistakes and flaws in them.

5. Your love feels destined for you

In most cases, people in such relationships feel like they cannot live without the other person. They tend to have deep feelings for their partners.

This makes them believe that they were created to fit perfectly into each other's lives. It is impossible to imagine a life without the other one; hence will consistently try to make it work with the hope that you will get it right.

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The abusive partners in such cases are very difficult to resist since they keep drawing you in. It can only end when you decide that you have learnt your lesson and are ready to walk away.

6. There is an instant connection

In such relationships, the couple feels attracted to each other instantly. The person you care for feels perfect, and there is some form of familiarity hence the easy attraction.

7. They create dependency

When you are in a karmic relationship, the chances are that you start feeling too consumed by them because they are all you think about. All your emotions, mental thoughts, and physical attractions are focused on only one person.

All decisions you make will first consider the person you are in love with even before yourself. You always feel the need to call them even before making the basics of decisions.

8. They bring out your worst fears

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Partners in karmic relationships tend to make you relive your fear every day. You tend to worry about the worst fears, including fear of loss, abandonment, rejection, lack of commitment, and fear of the unknown.

You always seem as though you are guarding your every move. You are always living on the verge of your life, worried about what could come out from your past.

9. Irrational behaviours

Your weakest vulnerabilities are likely to be exposed when dating a karmic partner. They tend to remind you of your worst insecurities and bring out your worst behaviours.

It is possible that you may lose yourself and start acting in a manner that will surprise you, too, just because you want to make your partner accept and adore you. You may develop strange behaviours in the process as you struggle to impress him or her.

10. They reveal your dark side

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Perfection is elusive and impossible to achieve. However, partners need to motivate each other and push themselves to exhibit the very best.

Unfortunately, in karmic relationships, you will notice most of your darker side coming to light because your partner tends to provoke you.

Instead of growing and encouraging your best side to present itself, they push you to show your most undesirable and difficult traits. You may even be unaware of some of the traits that you suddenly develop.

Sadly, this person will show and remind you that you are very human, even though it may be painful.

11. They are tumultuous

You will feel as though your relationship is erratic and incredibly unpredictable. You will feel volatile all the time, and comfort or security will be the last thing on your mind.

It seems as though you cannot have a moment of peace in life when you are with this person. It is advisable to realize this challenge and let go of the relationship if you want to grow.

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12. They drive you crazy

In most cases, a karmic partner does not give you peace. This may not be intentional but for some reason the two of you seem to bring out only the worst in each other despite being in love.

13. Short-lived relationships

It is common knowledge that such unions never last as long as loving ones would. Those involved cannot endure the pain that comes with it, which means that sustaining it for longer than is necessary could be tragic.

Realizing the direction which your relationship is going, and making a decision early enough will save you the trouble of the heartbreak that is inevitable in the future.

14. You feel unsafe

Instead of feeling all comfortable and free around the person you claim to love, you often appear guarded and protective of your space. You put up walls and hardly let your partner in on your secret, because you do not feel safe being with them.

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Rewards of being in a karmic relationship

The beauty of love is that it brings something positive. This can also be said of relationships, no matter how upsetting they are. Karmic bonds also tend to come with several goodies even though the pain may exceed the gains eventually.

Apart from the signs that any karmic soulmate will portray, the experience can serve as a source of spiritual growth. But that is not all, below are a few gains that come from enduring this difficult bond for the while that it lasts.

A karma connection comes with several blessings. These include

  1. It gives you a chance to cleanse old negative soul lifetimes with another.
  2. You get to learn how to communicate. This partner helps you unmask the things that may have been hidden so deeply. You may have had raw feelings that you could open to no one else before.
  3. Achieve a perspective on union and partnership that is more life-affirming, positive, and healthy.
  4. You have a chance to evolve and grow as a person.
  5. You will experience the personal touch of God's messenger. It always feels as though a self-appointed messenger of God has been sent to help you fix the issues you have been dealing with for months.
  6. The relationship can be a big mess when starting out, but in the end, you could become each other's greatest lessons. Your ego could get in the way, but it may be bruised as you heal, and that is a good thing.
  7. You get to embrace your shortcomings, which will help you begin letting go. You can finally release the emotional trauma you have been dealing with and open yourself up for better opportunities.

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Getting over the karmic bond

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Beating problems in relationships can be a difficult thing. If you desire to do this, consider the following suggestions.

You can easily break free of karmic relationships, especially when they get to dangerously toxic levels. You should not hold on for too long once you learn your lesson. Let go and start building a new and better life.

Every person who feels stuck should look within themselves and discover their true essence. This way, they can struggle to get out of a seemingly impossible yet hurtful relationship that will never yield any positive results.

To do this, a deliberate effort is required. Fortunately, with the right steps, everything is achievable. Below are a few suggestions that could work.

1. Breaking familiar old patterns

Make sure your self-esteem is so high, such that you never feel comfortable staying in difficult situations. Be careful not to be pulled into the whirlwind of repetition, especially when it concerns bad habits.

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Even though creating new patterns can be daunting, it may be the best thing to do for yourself when dealing with a karmic relationship. Strive to cut links with bad patterns.

2. Second chances

When you know that there will always be a second chance, then you can slowly take things a day at a time. You will not be too hard on yourself when you fail to leave the abusive bond the first time.

While it is important to break unhealthy patterns, make sure you take it a step at a time to avoid making mistakes.

3. Differentiate between love and karma

Real love is peaceful, joyful, and respectful, as it gives you room to grow. Every time you feel like you are living life on a roller coaster, then you need to stop and examine yourself.

4. Accept and make a move

Most people in this kind of engagement seem oblivious to the obvious signs that family and friends see with ease. Unfortunately, no amount of convincing or being shown the reality on the ground can help them overcome their addiction to toxic alliances.

It is crucial for the oppressed partner to acknowledge that they are in a bad place. This marks the beginning of their healing, which can only happen if they are ready to start taking necessary action.

5. You have a unique path

Appreciating your uniqueness will help you understand the value of your karmic lesson. This way, you can easily make choices to beat your fears and weaknesses.

Do not sweat the pressure that arises from those around you. Do what works for you and focus on healing.

A karmic relationship can be the best thing that happens to anyone who needs to learn a few things before settling down. Knowing when to call it quits can save you a lot of troubles and heartaches too.

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