Rapper 50 Cent denies firstborn child, says he'd rather have 6ix9ine as his son

Rapper 50 Cent denies firstborn child, says he'd rather have 6ix9ine as his son

- The rapper was live on Instagram with his fans when he said he does not consider Marquise to be his son

- Instead, he would rather claim rapper 6ix9ine who was locked up due to his relations with gang activity

- The musician who does not mince his words said Marquise only belongs to his mother and he already washed his hands with the guy ages ago

American rapper 50 Cent has waged war against his eldest son Marquise Jackson for nearly two decades.

The rapper refers to his eldest child as "his mother's son" and never claims him whenever anyone asks about the number of children 50 has.

On Wednesday, April 8, 50 went live on Instagram and started chatting up his fans as he stayed in the comfort of his home.

A couple of his followers kept bugging the celebrity with questions about his firstborn son, Marquise.

At first, the wealthy musician and business mogul ignored or laughed off the questions but later decided to grow a pair and face them head-on.

When the next train of questions came in, 50 was prepared and decided not to hold back on anything.

"Do you see Marquise? Do the two of you talk?" a number of fans asked.

The rapper said that was not his son and has not been for a while. He stated Marquise is his mother's son.

Then after his followers kept being dissatisfied with his responses, 50 rested the issue with claiming he would rather call convict 6ix9ine his child.

When people pointed out 6ix9ine was a snitch who ratted out members of his fellow gang, 50 still said he is far much better than Marquise.

A day after, the rapper's eldest son got wind of what his dad was saying on Instagram and as usual, he did not go down without a fight.

The tickled guy was unbothered and referred to his father as stupid for siding with a "rat".

"Haha, what is going on here? You just sided with a rat, a rat? What is wrong with you?" Marquise joked as he laughed.

The two have had the most unhealthy relationship ever since 50's baby mama accused him of abusing her while they were together.

When Marquise turned 18, 50 went on Instagram to celebrate the fact he would never pay the young man's child support ever again.

In another story, Legit.ng had reported that American rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent who is known for dragging people on social media, shared the video of Oprah Winfrey's fall on stage on his Instagram page with a comment aimed at mocking the business mogul.

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