Tuesday Weld bio: Age, spouse, net worth, movies, where is she now?

Tuesday Weld bio: Age, spouse, net worth, movies, where is she now?

Tuesday Weld, born as Susan Ker Weld, had one of the most difficult childhoods. Her story seems like a tragic one, despite not being recognized as so in Hollywood. In fact, it is not given much thought, such as stories of actresses like Judy Garland. Either way, the pressure that was put on her as a child affected her acting career since she turned down several movies that would have made her even more popular.

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Being an actress meant that she was exposed to a lot of pressure from the industry. However, the pressure seemed to double for her because her mother, Yosene Balfour Ker, pushed her to do so much than she should have. She had to start working very early in life, and it seemed as though she had no choice in the decisions.

Tuesday Weld profile summary

  • Real name: Susan Ker Weld
  • Nickname: Tuesday Weld
  • Date of birth: 27.08.1943
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: New York City, New York, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Profession: Actress, former model, and singer

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Tuesday Weld age and early life

How old is Tuesday Weld? Having been born on 27.08.1943, the actress is currently 76 years old. She is one of the many actresses that got into showbiz at an early age. She had to suffer the pressure of the industry, making her turn to illegal essences at an early age. While her story is not considered tragic, as many other actors' stories have, she still knows what it means to be one carrying a lot on her shoulders.

Her father, Lathrop Motley Weld, passed on when she was just 4 years old. While it is true that she would have had an easy time growing up if her mother had chosen to give her kids up to her husband's parents, she could not do it. The demand never to see her kids again refrained her from making such a decision. Her mother was an orphan from London. She moved to America, where she met Tuesday's privileged father. When he died, she had no choice but to push her daughter into modeling as a way of supporting her family. Tuesday Weld hot body made it possible for her to find success in this field quickly.

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She quickly became a successful child model and went on to pose for advertisements and mail-order catalogs. Due to her work and the burden of responsibility that started too early, she was estranged from her mother, Yosene, and her two elder siblings. She was forced to be the teen girl that got into adulthood before she was ready.

Acting career

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Having been forced to move into the modeling industry, Weld's mother did not stop at that. By the time she turned 12 years old, Weld debuted on her acting career. She was given a role in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Wrong Man. Unfortunately for her, the pressure of the limelight was already overwhelming her. By the time she was 9 years old, she already suffered from a nervous breakdown. By the time she was 12 years old, she was already addicted to alcohol. In fact, she is believed to have attempted taking her life.

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The pressure of having to take care of her mother and family was too much on her. Her mother seemed to push her too hard, even though she loved her so much. It appears as though a lot about her career got to her. Later in life, she turned down a lot of roles in movies that were to make it huge. She seemed to avoid such potential big hits for the mere reason that they would be popular.

What she suffered as a kid may have contributed to her choices as an adult actress. She only accepted roles in movies that were not a big deal. Furthermore, her roles were not very significant. A good example would be the role she played in Falling Down. She acted as a nagging wife with neurotic tendencies. She would disturb her husband with a lot of needless concerns. In fact, her role would be removed, and no one would notice the difference.

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Her film debut was in 1956. She starred in a low-budget exploitation movie titled Rock Rock Rock! In fact, she became well-known for it. It is this same movie that pushed and convinced her about acting as a full-time career. Afterward, she appeared on TV in New York. It was later that she decided to go to Hollywood in 1958. From then, she appeared as part of the cast of Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! in 1958. It became her first breakthrough and was important in catapulting her career.

Over time, she became one of Hollywood's teen queens. She played mainly precocious roles. She also led a wild private life that added to the entertainment of her fans. She was favored by critics who acknowledged her talent and directors who approved of her professionalism. By the time it was the late 1960s, she was able to outgrow her child/teenage image and find more demanding roles. She had been known for her sweet-16 roles for about 16 years.

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However, Tuesday Weld did not achieve first-magnitude stardom as many people would have expected. It may have had something to do with luck, but her selection of jobs could have contributed to this. She is said to have turned down Bonnie and Clyde in 1967, True Grit in 1969, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969. It has been described as her independence-loving mind, which made her shrink back from the restraints of superstardom instinctively.

Despite shying away from great hits, she kept on performing well in films that did not receive much flair or success. From the mid-'70s onwards, she focused on made-for-TV movies. This may have been considered ironic considering the fact that she was once Hollywood's sweetheart. Her role in Once Upon a Time in America in 1984, and the most successful film, Falling Down in 1993 made her a big darling on the big screen.

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Tuesday Weld movies

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Actress Tuesday Weld is a brilliant actress. Even though she refrained from would-be popular movies later in her life, she still showed great capacity in those she acted in. Tuesday Weld movies are interesting. They showcase her great talent. They include:

  • Chelsea Walls in 2001
  • Intimate Affairs in 2001
  • Feeling Minnesota in 1996
  • Falling Down in 1993
  • Heartbreak Hotel in 1988
  • Once Upon a Time in America in 1984
  • Author! Author! in 1982
  • Thief in 1981
  • Serial in 1980
  • Who'll Stop the Rain in 1978
  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar in 1977
  • Play It As It Lays in 1972
  • A Safe Place in 1971
  • I Walk the Line in 1970
  • Pretty Poison in 1968
  • Lord Love a Duck in 1966
  • The Cincinnati Kid in 1965
  • I'll Take Sweden in 1965
  • Soldier in the Rain in 1963
  • Bachelor Flat in 1961
  • Wild in the Country in 1961
  • Return to Peyton Place in 1961
  • High Time in 1960
  • [] Kittens Go to College in 1960
  • Because They're Young in 1960
  • The Private Lives of Adam and Eve in 1960
  • The Five Pennies in 1959
  • Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! in 1958
  • The Wrong Man in 1956
  • Rock Rock Rock! in 1956

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Tuesday Weld spouse

Who is Tuesday Weld married to? Well, the actress has been married and divorced three times. She was married to Pinchas Zukerman, a conductor on 17 October 1985, and divorced on 13 December 1998. Her second marriage was with Dudley Moore on 20 September 1975. She divorced him on 18 July 1980. The two share a child. Her first husband was Claude Harz, whom she married on 23 October 1965 and divorced on 18 February 1971. The two had a child.

Where is Tuesday Weld?

Is Tuesday Weld still alive? Yes, she is. Tuesday Weld now lives a laid back lifestyle. Ever since 2001, Weld is reported to have lived quietly in Aspen, Colorado. She seems to lead a quiet lifestyle. Ever since the 70s, she has been rumored to have occultic links. However, it appears as though she prefers silence. In fact, she even said that she hungers for silence and seems to find relief in solitary.

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Is Tuesday Weld living? Yes, she is. Reports also indicate that Weld has bipolar disorder. When she turned 70, her daughter took up caring for her. Recently, she has been scheduled to appear at movie fan shows and film festivals but would often cancel despite being the last minute.

Despite having had a demanding stage presence, Weld resisted fame. She still resists the popularity even this late in her life. Tuesday Weld today may not be famous or in the limelight, but she built a reputation as a brilliant actress. Even though life may not have been very kind to her in the early stages of her career, she still managed to control things.

Tuesday Weld net worth

What is Tuesday Weld net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress is worth $5 million. This value is not surprising for a successful and well-seasoned actress. She has been around for so long since she started as a child actress and model.

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Over the years, she appeared in numerous films and TV series. Despite turning down movies that later became great hits, she still managed to get great roles in different other films. It is possible that she would have been worth a lot more had she agreed to be part of the films she forfeited.

Tuesday Weld is one of the best actresses of all time. She was a big-shot in Hollywood during her time. She started her career as a young girl, pushed by life pressures and the need to support her family. She may have made different choices along the way that pushed her career in a different path, but in the end, she emerged as one of the finest.

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