Top 50 common Russian last names and their meanings. Updated List

Top 50 common Russian last names and their meanings. Updated List

Do you think Russian names sound cool? Well, if you are the kind of parent that loves to experiment with their child's name, then you may want to consider a few of the popular. Russian names, either as a first, middle, last, or nickname for your newborn baby.

russian last names
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So, what are common Russian last names? This may depend on what your preferences are. If you love cute exotic names then you can try incorporating one of your babies names as Russian. Is there one specific name you want for your girl or boy?

Common Russian names

What is the most Russian surname? Well, some of the most common names are the ones you do not think of. Do you have a favorite Russian name in mind? In case you are wondering which is the most crucial name, then consider the following examples below.

  • Turgenev: The Turgenevs were a noble family. The name is therefore associated with nobility. Some of the common people with this identity include the famous writer Ivan Turgenev. It means fast or quick.
  • Lebedev: This is a Russian name whose origin is an animal word meaning swan.
  • Yahontov: This one will work for parents that want something ancient and exotic. It refers to two precious stones; ruby and sapphire.
  • Kuznetsov: This is a great name derived from the blacksmith profession.
  • Oblonsky: It is a popular surname that can be traced to Poltava in Ukraine. It means a wet field.
  • Goncharov: It was a famous potter who did clay works. One person known for this name was Ivan Goncharov, who was a novelist.
  • Preobrazhensky: This name was popular among members of the clergy. It stemmed from the Christian feast day of the transfiguration.
  • Romanov: Is Romanov a common surname? This surname means 'son of Roman.' Roman is derived from Romanus, which is a late Roman name. It represents the a great royal family of the Russian empire after the Rurik dynasty.

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What are some cool last names?

common russian last names
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Do you have a favorite Russian name that you like? The following Russian last names are a few of the most popular ones out there. Consider the Russian surnames below as examples to get you started. The last names are not only unique, but also exotic if you are looking for ancient names.

  • Petrov/ Петров: Is the son of Peter meaning stone.
  • Sidorov/ СидороB: Son of Sidor.
  • Volkov/ Волков: Is a wolf.
  • Popov/ Поповv: Son of the priest or pope.
  • Semenov/ Семёнов: Son of Simon or God hears.
  • Egorov/Egorkov/Egonov/ Егоров/Егоров/Eгонов: Son of Egor or farmer.
  • Lenkov/Alexeev/Alekhin/ Ленков/Алексеев/Алёхин: Son of Alexander or mankind’s defender.
  • Nikolaev/Nikolayev/ Николаев: Literally means “Nikolay’s”, while the name Nikolay means victory of the people
  • Novikov/Novikoff/ Новиков: Derived from the word ‘novik’, which described a noble teenager in military service from the 16th-18th centuries.
  • Putin/ Путин: Someone who belongs to the road.

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russian names
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  • Ivanov/ Иванов: Son of Ivan meaning God is gracious.
  • Sokolov/ Соколов: Bird of prey
  • Stepanov/Stepanchikov/ Степанов: Son of Stefan meaning crown.
  • Zima/ Зима: From a Slavic word meaning "winter". It can either be Czech, Slovak, Polish, or Russian. This could have been a nickname for a person with a chilly personality.
  • Shvets/ Швец: Means shoemaker.
  • Rasputin/ Распутин: It is from Russian распутье (rasputye) meaning "crossroads." One of the most famous bearer of this name was the Russian mystic Grigoriy Rasputin who lived between 1869-1916.
  • Kuznetsov/ Кузнецов: Is a patronymic form of Russian кузнец (kuznets) meaning "blacksmith."
  • Bogomolov/ Богомолов: Is a patronymic derived from Russian богомол (bogomol) meaning "pious one, devotionalist."

Popular Russian surnames for boys and girls

Most Russian last names change depending on the gender of the child in question. While most of these identities depend on the family one is from, they are popular in many Russian homes that you may find different variations of the same name. Check out the examples below.

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  • Vassiliev: Son of Vassily. The female version is Vassilieva. Can also be spelled as Vasiliev or Vasilieva.
  • Alekseev: Son of Alexei. Female version is Alekseeva.
  • Semyonov: Son of Semyov. Female version is Semyonova.
  • Nikolaev: Son of Nikolai: Female version is Nikolaeva. Also Nikolayev / Nikolayeva
  • Nikitin: Son of Nikita, female - Nikitina.
  • Zaitsev: From заяц - hare, female - Zaitseva.
  • Vinogradov: From виноград - grapes, female - Vinogradova.
  • Belyaev: From Беляй, female - Belyaeva. Originates from the secular name or nickname that meant 'white'
  • Komarov: From комар - gnat, mosquito, female - Komarova
  • Kiselyov: From кисель - kissel. Female - Kiselyova. Originates from the name of a Russian traditional fruit drink similar to mors with the addition of starch or arrowroot.
  • Ilyin: Son of Ilya, female - Ilyina
  • Kuzmin: Son of Kuzma, female - Kuzmina
  • Alexeev: Defender of man.
  • Andreyev: Property of Andrew.
  • Baranov: Refer to a ram.
  • Bobrov: means the beaver.
  • Bogomolov: Is the pious one.
  • Bykov: Is the might bull.
  • Chernov: The black one.
  • Chugunkin: Cast iron.

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With the above list of common Russian last names, anyone looking for a Russian last name that works is on the right track. Whether you wanted slavic last names or a simple middle or first name, then you can enjoy choosing any of the ones mentioned above. Most Russian last names are unique and outstanding.


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