What is Tsuchinoko and is it real?

What is Tsuchinoko and is it real?

The Tsuchinoko has caused a lot of speculation on the internet recently. The animal looks like an ancient snake with a huge belly and peculiar sounds. It has inspired a lot of folk tales and legends and is said to have unique abilities to jump and grow as long as 1-2.5 feet.

japanese snake cryptid
Image: twitter.com, @mew
Source: UGC

The creature is a Japanese cryptid that resembles a snake that has an exquisite thick middle. The Tsuchinoko means “child of the hammer” or “child of dirt.” This description may be a result of its appearance, as it is all black including the eyes.

Understanding Tsuchinoko

What is the Tsuchinoko snake? The creature comes with diverse physical descriptions. One of the most popular identities is that it is an all-black being. A different version gives it a brown-color that makes it possible for the creature to camouflage as it blends in with a forest floor covered in leaves. In addition, there is a faction that believes the Tsuchinoko has a bright orange belly. Whichever of these you choose to believe in, the mysterious creature remains a subject of interest in modern times.

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One thing that all factions seem to agree on is its locations and possible dwelling places. It has been recorded that the animal can easily be found in forested and mountainous areas that are close to Shikoku, the Kyushu islands, Honshu, and on the Korean peninsula. However, the recorded last sightings of the Tsuchinoko sightings are traced back to 1400 years.

Is the Tsuchinoko real?

Considering how old the creature is said to be, and more importantly, when last it was seen, one cannot help but wonder if it is a true animal or if it is a result of human imagination. The animal seems to resemble a snake, hence its reference as the Japanese snake cryptid. The two have certain similarities and differences that set them apart.

For instance, the Tsuchinoko slithers on its belly, just like snakes do. The other similarity is in the sizes of heads and tails. The major difference between the two is in the size of their bellies, with the Tsuchinoko's being wide and bigger compared to the snake.

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An outstanding difference besides the belly sizes would be the sounds the two make. The Tsuchinoko chirps or squeaks as it moves around. This is different from the hissing sound of the snake. What's more, it has been said to snore when in a deep sleep.

Is it dangerous?

danger tsuchinoko
Image: facebook.com, @ tsuchinokoreal
Source: UGC

Snakes can pose a serious danger, especially if they are poisonous. It is, therefore, not surprising that people inquire about danger Tsuchinoko related fears. Even so, it is a concern to know just how dangerous this strange creature is.

Well, they are said to be extremely dangerous and poisonous as they possess fangs with poison, just like some snakes. In addition to that, they are worse because you do not see them coming since they are camouflaged, making them excellent hunters.

The animal is said to have unique jumping abilities that give it an edge when it comes to surviving. It can jump up to three feet high, and do second jump mid-air. The thrust gives it a powerful forward strike that makes it capture unsuspecting prey.

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Legend has it that the creature can bite own tail to form a hoop. This is a technique it uses to roll down a hill at high speeds as it pursues its prey. The tale appears to have been backed up by the Ouroboros in Greek mythology. There have also been stories about the legend of the Hoop Snake in urban myths in the US and Canada.

According to a US touring pamphlet from 1784, the hoop snake was described as a serpent that crawls on its belly but moves in a rather peculiar manner. It is often eager to get to its prey and can transform itself into a circle to aid the rapid motion. The documents note that this was a survival tactic for the creature when hunting.

Is it magical or not?

There have been claims about the creature's ability to speak. Whether this is true or not, another claim states that they are good liars and should not be trusted. It has also been said that they enjoy the taste of alcohol.

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Popularity and recent flare of the Tsuchinoko

Seeing that the existence and last trace of the creature goes way back, it is surprising that it has been popular news. Well, the recent flare has been contributed to by the fact that Pokemon has included the animal in their games. Greta examples include in the Metal Gear series, where the Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops shows the creature being edible.

It has also been shown on the role-playing series Yo-Kai Watch and is considered Monster Hunter World's endemic Life creature.

More fame for the Tsuchinoko continued on Tumblr meme. The likes of “Tsuchinoko real” kick-started the hype a social media idea. From then, a lot of content that revolves around the magical or mysterious creature has come up.

Prizes for the catch

Interestingly, it seems as though authorities have also been looped into the craze. An instance of the government of Yoshii, Okayama offering a 20 million yen prize to a person that captures the creature is proof of this. As if the motivation was not good enough, the award was further increased to 100 million yen or one million US dollars!

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Well, one may just conclude that the ridiculously high amounts show that the animal is non-existent. Nevertheless, attempting to scoop the prize is not a bad idea. All you need to do is to travel to Japan, in Kurosawa, Akaiwa, Okayama prefecture to try and capture the said animal. It is in this location that the last Tsuchinoko is said to have been buried. Just remember to carry 100 Yen to support the preservation efforts of the environment there.

Many people have come up with claims of having seen the animal at some point. However, these remain hearsay until that point when a real Tsuchinoko will be captured and presented for all to see.

Where can it be captured?

The narrative is that the real Tsuchinoko's best living site is near rivers, more so in the woods and mountains. At least, this is what comes out clearly in video games. Another preferred living area would be on grounds below where they can easily transform and camouflaged into the leaves and ground debris.

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The numerous games that exist around this creature will probably make it popular for the next few years unless the craze dials down. It is not yet clear if it is an imaginative fabrication of game creators or if, according to legends, the creature truly exists.

Tsuchinoko meme

The mere fact that the creature is speculated to have existed, or still existing, a lot of Tsuchinoko real meme and pics have come up online. This includes the example below:

tsuchinoko real
Image: facebook.com, @tsuchinokoreal
Source: UGC

You may just be inspired to join in the search. After all, a lot of money is being offered for it.

Do you believe in the existence of the Tsuchinoko, or are you among those that feel it is a fabrication of gamers? Well, the craze is real if the search and prizes attached to the said creature are anything to go by. Only time can tell if indeed the creature is real.

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