NBA logo quiz: can you get all of them right?

NBA logo quiz: can you get all of them right?

The NBA is America’s top-flight basketball league. It consists of 29 American teams and one Canadian team (the Toronto Raptors). All teams have logos with full names on them except for the Indiana Pacers whose logo only has the nickname Pacers. Most NBA team logos have undergone a series of changes from the original images. How many basketball team logos can you correctly identify? Take this quick NBA logo quiz to find out.

NBA emblems with a rich history

We take a look at some of the well-known NBA emblems that have a rich history behind them.

1. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves logo is among those that have undergone several changes throughout the team's history. The current logo has several elements that symbolize the state of Minnesota. The green star on the emblem represents the state’s pride. The most important section of the logo is undoubtedly the timber wolf with its mouth open. This represents the tenacity, fearlessness, aggression, and energy of the team.

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The green speck in the eye symbolizes the green sceneries that can be found all over the state, including the phenomenal reflection of the Northern Lights. The logo’s primary colours are frost white, moonlight grey, lake blue, aurora green and midnight blue. The Timberwolves logo is probably one of the easiest emblems to identify in most NBA quiz games.

2. Indiana Pacers

Some basketball logos have undergone massive changes to their images, colour schemes, and shapes. For the Indiana Pacers, however, the team has stuck to three colours since its first emblem in 1967. These are blue, yellow, and white. The team’s emblem has a also retained its basic emblem of a blue-coloured capital ‘P’ and a yellow basketball inside a yellow circle.

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It is worth noting that the Indiana Pacers team does not follow the current NBA rule to have a team’s full name on its emblem. Instead, the emblem bears the name Pacers. This team’s emblem is relatively easy to identify in any NBA teams quiz due to the conspicuously bold letter P.

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3. Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards has changed its emblem 14 times and its name six times. It also moved from Chicago to Baltimore, and later to Washington. Before being known as the Wizards, the team was known as the Bullets and had a logo bearing the image of a white-bearded wizard.

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The logo was then adjusted to depict the wizard leaping over a crescent moon while twirling a ball. In 2015, the emblem was changed to a basketball with one of its seams resembling the famous Washington Monument. This NBA team logo closely resembled the Wizards’ alternative emblem for the period between 2011 and 2014. This emblem makes use of colours similar to the American flag, making it easily identifiable in any NBA trivia quiz.

4. Boston Celtics

The team’s logo was created by Zang Auerbach, a then-renowned artist, and editorial sports cartoonist. Zang was Red Auerbach’s brother. Red is well known for coaching several teams in the National Basketball Association including the then Washington Capitols and Boston Celtics. The current Celtics emblem has the image of a leprechaun with a shillelagh on his left hand and a basketball on his right hand.

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A circular ring surrounds the leprechaun with the words Boston Celtics. The leprechaun has become a symbol of the prolific Celtics team throughout the years. Other details on the logo include the leprechaun’s crossed feet, black pants, gold-coloured vest with clovers, bowtie, and black shoes. He also has a black hat and a white long-sleeved shirt. The leprechaun also represents Boston’s historically significant Irish population.

The logo’s rich history often makes it one of the hardest NBA quiz questions.

5. Dallas Mavericks

The team is known for its billionaire owner, Mark Cuban, as much as its on-field exploits. The new owner helped rebrand the team’s official colours from green to black, blue, and silver. The emblem has a horse at the centre with a blue basketball. The team’s name, as well as that of the city, is also part of the emblem. Since its change of ownership, the team has accomplished significantly much in a short period.

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6. Toronto Raptors

The new Toronto Raptors emblem is probably one of the most difficult to identify in any NBA team quiz. Initially, the logo had a cartoonish dinosaur species (Tyrannosaurus Rex) in a purple and black colour scheme. In 2008, the emblem was replaced by an image of dinosaur claw marks on a basketball. The claw marks form concentric rings which symbolize the origin of basketball.

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7. Memphis Grizzlies

The current Memphis Grizzlies emblem merges basketball history with that of the city of Memphis. The emblem symbolizes courage, power, tenacity, and strength. The grizzly bear’s eyes on the logo are focused and powerful. The Grizzlies emblem is often part of the hardest NBA logo quiz questions despite having undergone only a few changes.

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NBA quizzes help you evaluate your knowledge of the basketball league. NBA logos are among the essential elements of the league since they contain visual cues of the values, beliefs, and purpose of every team. How many questions did you answer correctly in the NBA logo quiz?

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