Strictly's Will Bayley bio: disability, wife, table tennis

Strictly's Will Bayley bio: disability, wife, table tennis

Although he tends to be spotted in most occasions cracking jokes, there is so much pain and harrowing experiences that Will Bayley hides beneath that smile. Most people are not familiar with his medical journey, an aspect that has made the question 'Will Bayley what is his disability?' prevalent. Will has battled severe conditions such as cancer, making most people dub him the 'Mighty Man.'

Will Bayley
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Will Bayley is an inspiration to most individuals in the world. He mainly tends to motivate the disabled people in the society because he has had a very tough medical journey. Stick around to acquire more insight into the life of this Paralympian.

Will Bayley profile summary

  • Full name: William John Bayley
  • Date of birth: 17th of January in 1988
  • Birthplace: Poole, Dorset
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Profession: Professional table tennis player
  • Daughter: Bella

Will Bayley early life

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Will Bayley was born on the 17th of January in 1988 in Poole, Dorset. His birth name is William John Bayley. Most of the fans of Will tend to question how old this champ is and when he celebrates his birthday. Will celebrates his birthday every year on the 17th of January. Will Bayley age as of 2019 is 31 years.

It is the joy of every expectant mother to get the news that they have delivered a bouncing healthy baby. However, from the start, the parents of this 31-year-old knew that their baby would be born different. They noticed that his limbs appeared different, a condition that was later identified as arthrogryposis. This marked the medical journey of their son.

Who is Will Bayley wife?

Will does not have a wife. However, he was romantically involved with Fiona York, with whom he shares a daughter by the name Bella.

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Strictly Will Bayley disability

Will Bayley Strictly disability is known as arthrogryposis. Like any parent, the folks of this newborn were shocked to learn about this disability. They did not understand what this meant about the future of their child. They were not even sure what this condition meant or what caused it. Arthrogryposis refers to a congenital joint contracture with over three hundred conditions.

However, its primary symptom is a child having curved joints at birth. Will Bayley condition meant that this star would always struggle with balance since this condition made his balance impaired. Will underwent many excruciating bone-breaking surgeries when he was a child in a bid to try and re-shape his feet.

All these operations go to show you how much of a fighter Bayley is. When this strong fighter turned seven years old, he fell ill and was taken to acquire medical treatment. It marked another harrowing moment for his parents because their son was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is cancer that attacks the lymphatic system.

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The parents of Will decided to take their son to acquire chemotherapy treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He got the chemo treatment for six months. Will was among the ten kids who were enrolled in a clinical trial for the now commonly used chemotherapy agent, vincristine.

The devastating diagnosis of Bayley with non-Hodgkin lymphoma took a toll on all of his family members. As a means of keeping his mind away from the sickness, his grandmother bought him a table tennis set. She saw this as a great toy to keep her grandson busy and less occupied on his torturous treatment and rehabilitation.

This simple gift saw him become one of the table tennis champions in the world today. His skills have seen him participate in notable events such as the Paralympic games in London, where he scooped the individual silver award and the bronze award as a team.

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Will Bayley table tennis career

After being gifted with the table tennis set by his grandmother, Will quickly discovered that he was very good at the game. He, in multiple instances, beat his older brother at the game. When he was eleven years old, the now 31-year-old became part of the Byng Hall Table Tennis Club in Tunbridge Wells.

There, the champ continued to work on his skills, which he continued to polish every day. By the time he was turning sixteen years old, he was chosen to represent Kent men’s team of able-bodied players in the Kent League. After he finished school, Bayley acquired a position in The BRIT School for Performing Arts, Croydon.

The position allowed him to continue to embark on his Theatre Studies course and also on his table tennis skills. In the evenings, this star would train at Byng Hall TTC and even participate in the table tennis contests that were organized over the weekend. It was during one of these competitions that he bumped into the famous Paralympic table tennis player known as Joe Stotesbury.

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The encounter marked the start of the Will Bayley Paralympics career. He joined Joe Stotesbury and moved to Bristol to mainly focus on his table tennis at the Felton Table Tennis Academy situated in Bristol. However, he also focused on his studies. He spent two years in Bristol before later on relocating to Sheffield.

His table tennis skills had significantly improved over time to the extent that he not only played in national competitions but also international games. He won his first international medal in 2006 after winning a match held in the United States. He participated in the London 2012 Paralympics but was not fortunate enough to scoop the grand and first prize.

However, following the defeat at this table tennis Paralympics, Will Bayley Strictly dancer decided to train ahead of the Rio competitions. He set his mind into winning and trained even harder to ensure that this time around, he came home with the win. As it is said, whatever you set your mind to, you achieve. Will emerged victorious and redeemed himself after the defeat in the London 2012 Paralympics.

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What Strictly Come Dancing Will Bayley had to say about the show

strictly come dancing will bayley
Image:, @willbayleytt
Source: Instagram

Fans of this table tennis champ were excited after they discovered that he had a chance to join this famous dancing competition show. After the announcement that he had made it and was one of the Strictly 2019 team members, fans were so excited. The champ was also excited and hopeful.

He revealed that he was excited to meet his dance partner, be in a team, and even meet new people. Bayley was also excited since he saw this as another opportunity to make brilliant memories. His excitement and that of his admirers made most people speculate whom Will Bayley partner in Strictly would be.

Although he was excited, Will also stated that he was nervous because he had never danced in his life, except in the club with his buddies. He described his dancing skills as awful. However, he was hopeful that he would acquire some two or three dance moves and enjoy the experience.

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When this table tennis champ was asked why he was competing in a dance competition, he said that he wanted to inspire disabled people and show them that disability is not an obstacle for one to tackle new projects. Although the balance of this champ is impaired, he said that he was just excited and honoured to feature in the favourite show of his family.

Will Bayley Strictly Come Dancing comes to a sudden halt

The 31-year-old table tennis star is leaving Strictly Come Dancing after he sustained an injury during the rehearsals. The dashing Paralympian said that he was sad to leave the competition since it was something he wished he would do. However, his knee injury appeared severe, and he could not risk it.

Due to this, he and his partner Janette Manrara were forced to sit out during the show. Although he was disappointed, Will did say that he was grateful for the massive support and love he had acquired.

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Will Bayley is a role model for most aspiring table tennis players in the world due to his exceptional tricks displayed when he is playing on the court. He won the 2016 Rio competitions, and his supporters believe this just the start of his international victory. He is definitely one to watch out for.


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