Khali Cartel 3 ft. Bey T, Breeder Lw, Silverstone Barz, Rekles, Chiwawa: video, lyrics, reactions

Khali Cartel 3 ft. Bey T, Breeder Lw, Silverstone Barz, Rekles, Chiwawa: video, lyrics, reactions

Kenya’s top rap god and hit-maker Khaligraph Jone comes through with Khali Cartel 3, another rap battle to entertain you and rock the music industry.

In Khali Cartel 3, he teams up with some of the best rappers in the industry. Silverstone, Bey T, Breeder Lw, Chiwawa, and Rekles have combined their talents to present the amazing rap.

Khali Cartel 3 description

  • Release date: September 26th, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Genre: Hip hop/Rap
  • Director: Mike Lolly p and Khaligraph Jones
  • Producer: Motif
  • Length: 10 minutes 33 seconds

Khali Cartel 3 brings together six of your favorite rappers with each rapping about what artists go through in their day to day lives. What is interesting about the video is how the artists use a courtroom platform to air their ‘cases.’ Check it out, the rap is so amazing.

Khali Cartel 3 reviews and comments

What are fans and followers saying about the tune? Find out below.

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Khali Cartel 3 reviews and comments
Image:, @Khaligraphjonesog
Source: Facebook
  • Ingenious Dennis: It is now official Kenya has the best Hip hop talent in Africa
  • Millan Koech: OG goodness I felt every d**n inch of this the first lady was epic Jones is King
  • Ignatius Mweteri kobia: I thought the judge’s name was "Yorona" so its @KHALIGRAPH saying 'your honor.' Respect the OG.
  • Benjamin Musau Munyaka: Chiwawa. This guy was and is still one of my favorite rappers of all time.
  • Shee Emxy: You are all acting like you don know Motif produces Khali's music n always does it right......#motif
  • Ivy Nyambura: Song of the Year Content 100% Video 100% Rappers 1000% Bars 2000%
  • Maya Mumin: It hits different in Kiswahili. We've been sleeping on real talents out here...
  • Brian Juma: "Your Honour, tell me if you ain't feeling what she saying though".. What a way to start off a mega track Bey T Respect!!
  • Ruth Rima: Am I the only one who feels that the OG should also bring in Nyashinski... Respect Jones
  • Billy Williams: Please tell me there's a part 2 of this... "Your Honor" Omollo's bro Lamaz got to give his verdict on the case at hand by dropping some rough bars. This is fire!

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Khali Cartel 3 lyrics



You good?

You ready?

We can start, thank you so much first

I’d like to thank everybody for showing up for this session

You honor these are the rappers the mass has been requesting

Ladies and gentlemen

It’s so important that you follow am your attorney but just address me as Mr. Omollo

And now your honor we gon go straight to the case

And address these people who insult you straight to your face

When these people working hard they busy taking the cake

Heard the masses saying artist aint got paper to chase

And what a shame when they constantly building they brands

And all the dope music that they be giving they fans they got —- to say

So kindly lets give them the chance

First rapper kindly make your way to the stand

What’s your name? what you do?

(Bey T Verse)

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Bey T, am the truth (and do you swear to say the truth?)

I just said I am the truth

Everything I ever wanted when spitting in a booth

I guess that’s coz it’s just in me when I flow I see the proof

Broady told me green light now its go I can’t stop

I be praying on daily getting closer to the top

They appearing to the real kinda something like a pop

Hating when am doing kinda something like a app

Got the city on my shoulders

And the love now I receive but my socials aren’t enough to see the media they receive

And we got our local talent but thats not what they perceive

Coz they really is not limit all to my people to believe music seems like real sh** we just tryna make it out

Even started up a movement and they tried to make it cout call the puppet out on-site

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She know what I’m talking about

But the truth will always shine and in God I never doubt

Hard work beats talent but with me its double trouble

And I gotta lot to say they can’t stop with a muzzle watch when people hear music they dig it like a shovel

Mama said just let it be and pu the focus on the hustle

Men Am rising from the dirt, ten toes on a gun

Real music knows no language

I’m do it with my son 254 to the world when I look who I’m ma run

I be queening in my city, ts about time I take the crown

Look back how far i come and its amazing

Loving through the process in the race but am na racing

Men am the weaker when they see me they are waving

This is just the warm up but we winning through our training

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Bey T got the fire but I blow up super saying rising with the sun

You gon see me out ya window

Naenda juu now if you aint getting on my lingo get into the chips

I ain’t talking bout a pringo

Kenya dropped some heat, I aint talking bout a single


Thank you so much for that

I’m just hoping they got the info

Bey T girl you the future

When they acting like they aint know

But those tryna take what you came for

Your honor tell me if you aint feeling what she saying

Though Eyy, when will you people ever see the truth

The evidence is overwhelming yet you need a proof

Leo me ndo lawyer so mtaniskiza tu nimechoka hata na ngoso

So kindly bring breeder proof

(Breeder Lw)

First off niko njaa

Ngekua refa si ningemeza whistle

Juu uulize utanitambua lini ama unangojea yangu kifo

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Nizaliwa nikiwa pro me ni mnoma by default

Na nadesire kuwa legend niko down ka icon

Niko kwa track na kali buda hii ni nini ka si dream ka true

Si walijifanya hawanioni design ya pickaboo

After this ni Omollo alafu breeder 2 na ni kobra

So kukipack itabidi umevunjika mguu

Utasema aje sina bidii na me husinda stu kukidnap

Soon as the beat starts speakers boom

Ni me na mic solo kwa booth

You snooze you loose rap kwangu ni kama Ruto na 2022

Alafu after hell si ni heaven paradise inaningoja

But pressure ya kuomoka ndo imenikalia ka sofa

Industry ngori yaan ku maneuver si ni struggle

Interviews mi siko booked kama libu haina kitabu

Lakini story ni ile ile huwezi winda subiri mzoga

So nkajitupa kwa wanjo na watesa bila koja

Si ni Tk ndo kikosi yangu na ni wicked naplay role mbili bado attacker alafu defence

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Mi huwapea maneno za busara tangu nicresen bado na glesen

Nabii hawezi pendwa mahali anatoka na hiyo ni mistake

Si walifunga mlango so tunaknock doors off the hinges

Na nina ugonjwa haina tiba na hiyo ugonjwa inaitwa realness

Waambie wapunguze tamaa watuache pia si tudishi

Na mafans asante sana bila nyinyi hatunge do this

Na naapa kwamba siachi TK soldier until the finish

Nishaikamilisha 10/10 kama Willis


10 over 10 big shout out to 10 over 10

Big shout out to Willis Raburu kutusupport again and again

U breeder you did it my friend and they be feeling you man and if we had more time I’d let you kill it again

we gotta pass it over

Yoh next witness are you ready?

Your honor, I gotta warn you this shawty hella petty

From Nakuru to Ni she got zero f*** to give

Double S in the house baby girl where your ways whats up?

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(Silverstone Barz)

this the punch line queen lets get it

ooh we can get it for real

I’m the realest let’s get it see

I set the bar far yeah I give it hella heights

Welcome to the dark side where we give you hella price

Coz this the I call a dream

See its costing plenty nights and the best to ever do

This the game invited all the intruders so

You think a throwing shot

I’m really aning with some shooters

They fishy cooking tuna all my cats is rocking is puma

Get my —- tight as spread the name like city rumor

Coz these rappers don’t come like this

We run like this and too cool sound like this and shine like this I got smoke…

And I talking cannabis and even that we grind like this we green like the money calling pr….

I get it from the back

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They don wanna open doors so we get in from the back

No debate bout who’s the best swear am really on they necks

Never tripping for a cheque if they tripping get em checked

You can find me on a map

Dont know where y’all at I ain’t talking about shopping

I’m taking all the bag boazz clean

I’m back heddy I’m bad at it I’m too good

Been ready but yeah aint ready this soul cool with the new school cut the cr*p

And cut the cheque cut it now you not a threat

I start rapping the beast come up

Som’one like the full moon

So what they talking bout bring more chic to the scene

But I swear y’all don wanna bring chics to the scene

Coz I around smoke all y'all in 1 session

Now are we talking bout a crown b I got it no question

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I do a little school but never s by the book

I’m selling the oor nd plenty silver stone in this hook

I’m giving them barz and barz like…..

To tell a legendary what exactly you tryna tell me

I’d seen n getting paper than a secretary

So I’m on my grind I keep my sh*t on lock and if they f*** with me I gotta rep on the block


You rep the block?

Baby girl you taking shots

Assuming u serious you gon have to face the cops

Your rage is off the cage

Not afraid to pop but wait

You do don gotta do that you was raised to rock

Your honor I’m sorry for that’s how them OG’s do

I’m not only reppin these people

They my hommies too

So let these motherf** pay wat they owe these dudes

Next rapper pia ni ngori woow

Rekles shukran kwa kuka mbogi imekurequest sana

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You ready to wrap it up?

Uko tayari?


Yes banaa

Nimekua nikingoja juu wako oy my case sana

Tuchanue basi reason pia we unahate drama yes check it…

Si eti nilifanya juu nimekosa kazi

Najua ni nyi bado hukaa kwa izo keja zina parking

Bado ndani ya ofisi mmejaza vitambi

Na round hii kukuwa fisi ngumu juu wanafwata maganji

Medidation kejani ka hakuna cheque

Wee nani hii pande

Si hatuna kitu si huishi daily na imani

Lullaby huku mtaa hukua sauti ya risasi

Jamaa mgreedy ana njaa inafaa unapakwa kamasi

Juu ukilala joo huwa silali formation toka zamani

Na sina’ kitu kwa sahani pia sifiki bei ya Dasani

Aah na nikiwafikiria mnanisinya

Natapika juu kama ni kutuibia hamfikirii hata dakikia

Aah na sipendi wageni juu nina keja bila furniture

Bila hata deni nkiona landlord mi nasafisha

Ukiokota peana tu base inafaa kaa yangu ni yangu

Nikitaka napeana yote kwa bar

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Hao hutupima sana ni juu izo suti wao wamevaa

Shukran ganja farmer juu you after kipuff si hurelax

Mi huomba ata kaa siendi church

Budako madhako bradhako sister wote wanadeserve

Na watajudge juu nacurse na ninachuki kwa verse

Si ati amebeba ni ameumwa joo na nyuki kwa a**

Kila asubuhi naamka na uji kwa glass

Na sijijui muhimu sana jo nirudishe class

Ati jokes kwa hizi mambulu ni joo kuni kwa kunye

Na bado bro hatupatani ka joh unyi na fudhi sleki sana

Si hatulali hata kidogo watiaji ndo huachanga waongeleshe jo kisogo


Watiaji ndo si hupiganga

Wakijaribu kuleta zogo watiaji ndo huingizana

Wakisharushiwa hongo watiaji wamejaa kwa soko

Watiaji wanachoma foto


Naomba ruhusa mahakama

Nitoe ushuhuda kuna shida nikisimama kwa huu muda?

Kwanza kabla ya maneno yote waha nishukuru hii nafasi nimepata kueka akili

Dunia haina haki ni shamba ya wanyama

Bora bado niko hainatumaini nitawa

Ndo napush on kila siku atakama sio rahisi

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Kulala usiku ukijua unanyemelewa na fisi

Naeka Mungu juu ya yote juu siwezi jisaidia

Sheria mikononi naeza baki nawaibia

Wakinifwata kwa giza wakiomba sana nidunde

Wana keys smart kwa hii game

Nimeshika mic si bunde haama plau plau ping ping

Kwa gari zao kwenye manyumba zao

Nabring heat na sipendi madharau

Ka nimekosea naomba usinimiss judge

Hakuna Sunday me humiss church

What is your take about Khali Cartel 3 rap battle? Is it a hit or a miss? We would like to hear from you. Drop you views in the comment section below.


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