Euphoria season finale explained: what happened?

Euphoria season finale explained: what happened?

The drama show "Euphoria" is one of the most-watched series on HBO these days. People are attracted to its haunting atmosphere and Zendaya's exceptional talent as she plays the main character, Rue Bennett. The group of high school students trying to find their way in the modern world and going through various struggles resonated with many viewers. What happened in the Euphoria season finale, and how could it be explained?

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Created by Sam Levinson, with the famous rapper Drake as an executive producer, HBO Euphoria drew a huge amount of viewers to the screens. A total of 530,000 people watched the intriguing premiere, and with the replays, the number rose to 1.2 million. The series got a title of HBO's second-most social show, only letting Game of Thrones claim the victory. The average viewership of season 1 makes 5.6 viewers worldwide.

Euphoria TV show: what is it about?

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The premise of the show is exploring the life of high school students through their trauma, love, friendly relationships, social media, and identity search, among many other things. Euphoria TV show cast is no less impressive than the plot of the series. The main star of the show is Zendaya, who plays Rue. Euphoria cast also includes other talented actors, namely Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Storm Reid, Hunter Schafer, Algee Smith, and Sydney Sweeney, who all play a group of significant characters.

Euphoria HBO season 1 has eight episodes, and due to the show success, it has already been renewed for the second season. In case you have seen the entire first season, you are probably wondering about the Euphoria show series finale. All the Euphoria episodes blew people's minds, but the final one made a long-lasting impression on viewers. What exactly happened there? Read further if you do not mind spoilers.

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Euphoria season finale: what happened to Rue?

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The main character of the show, Rue Bennett, is brilliantly played by Zendaya. The girl is addicted to forbidden substances and is trying to break out of her unhealthy cycle. Her addiction is one of the main focuses of the show, as it ruins her relationships with family and friends.

In the finale, Rue is planning to run away from home together with her best friend, Jules. However, the girl backs out at the last minute and says that leaving her family behind would be impossible for her. The main actress of Euphoria Zendaya explained that Rue loves Jules, but at the same time, she is continually thinking about the trauma and pain that she caused to her family. In the final episode, we see her thinking about her mother and younger sister.

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The next part of the episode depicts scenes from Rue's memory, connected with her family members. They are both happy and sad scenes, and they provide a lot of insight into her mind. When the character finally comes home, she falls on her bed, clearly being under the effect of substances. The original song by Zendaya, "All For Us," is a soundtrack for this haunting sequence with a huge choir and menacing atmosphere.

So, what is so special about this scene? Many people might think that the main character is overdoses and that it has a fatal effect on her. However, the song lyrics for "All For Us" are hinting at resisting death and not submitting to it.

For most of the series, Rue is sober and happy, interacting with her recovery group and opening up to her best friend and lover Jules. The final episode does not symbolise Rue coming back to her old ways, but rather about slipping and giving in even when everything seems to be going right. As the girl's therapist said to her, even in the good times, bad times can still happen.

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The cast of Euphoria worked hard to provide the best viewing experience for us. The first season is over, and the Euphoria season finale exceeded all our expectations. Now, the cast will be getting ready to film the second season, and we will eagerly wait for the updates!

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