Ancient Roman names and their meanings

Ancient Roman names and their meanings

Ancient Roman culture is fascinating. In the contemporary world, there are only a few aspects of the culture that are practised. The perfect way of keeping Roman culture alive is by using ancient Roman names. These names not only keep the culture alive but also have profound meanings. Parents or parents-to-be who are searching for meaningful names should consider picking Roman names for their little boys or girls.

Roman names
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In ancient Roman culture, the naming system was cast on stone. Parents knew their children’s names even before they were conceived. The names followed a tria nomina system. Parents could only choose the first of the three names, praenomen, for a boy child. The second name, nomen gentilicium, was passed down from father to son. Cognomen, the third name, was a nickname used to distinguish the branch of familia the gens belonged. Girls were given the feminine versions of their fathers’ nomen gentilicium followed by numbers to indicate their position of birth among all the sisters in the household.

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Ancient Roman names

Ancient Roman names are now more commonly used worldwide. If you are thinking of a beautiful and meaningful name for your child, you can choose one from the collection we have for you.

Roman names for boys

Roman boy names
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These Roman male names are unique and have beautiful meanings:

  • Aelius – It originates from the Greek word, Helios. It means sun.
  • Albus – This name means bright or white.
  • Augustus – It comes from the Latin word, augere. Great or vulnerable is its meaning.
  • Caesar – It means hairy.
  • Drusus – It means strong.
  • Faustus – It means lucky.
  • Hilarius – It comes from the Latin word, hilaris. It means cheerful.
  • Lucius – The name means light.
  • Manius – It means morning or good.
  • Nero – It means strong or vigorous.
  • Regulus – It means a prince or little king. Isn’t this the perfect name for your little prince?
  • Servius – This name means to preserve.
  • Titus – It means a title of honour. It was derived from the Latin word, titulus.
  • Tiberius – It means of the Tiber in Latin.
  • Vitus – It is a special name that means life.

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Roman female names

There are beautiful Roman names for girls that parents can use for their baby girls. Roman girl names inspire positive attributes in the child because they have profound meanings. Some of the fantastic Roman names for girls are:

  • Aelia – It is a Roman name meaning sun. It is the female version of Aelius.
  • Alba – It originates from Albus, a Latin word, and means bright and white.
  • Antonia – It is the female version of Antonius.
  • Aquila – It means eagle. It is the perfect choice for a baby girl who is full of courage and who goes against all odds to achieve her dreams.
  • Aurelia – Derived from the Latin word, aureus, this amazing name means golden. It shows that the child is precious and also indicates wealth.
  • Camilla – This was the name of a renowned warrior maiden. It is an excellent choice for a bold and fearless girl.
  • Fausta – It is the feminine version of Faustus. It means auspicious or lucky.
  • Flavia – The feminine version of Flavius is Flavia. It means the one with golden hair. It is an excellent choice for a baby girl who is born with a head full of beautiful or long hair.
  • Germana – It is the female version of Germanus, which means brother.
  • Hadriana – It is a beautiful name that means successful or lucky.
  • Hortensia – It is an uncommon name. Its meaning is from the garden.
  • Mariana – It means the child who was wished for. Mothers can give this name to a baby girl whom they have been waiting for a while.
  • Octavia – It means the eighth-born child. It is the feminine form of Octavius.
  • Valentina – The name Valentina means strong or brave.
  • Valeria – It is an excellent choice for parents who are looking for a chic name. It is derived from the Latin word, valere. Valere means strength.

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Mythological male Roman names

Male Roman names
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Anyone who understands Roman mythology understands that the Romans had rich historical, cultural and religious lives. Any parent who is looking for the perfect mythological Roman boy names can select one from the list below. These names have cultural connotations and are meaningful.

  • Consus – This was the god of grain and harvest. The name indicates prosperity and living in abundance.
  • Faunus – This was the god of agriculture and fertility. The name also means to befriend. It is an excellent choice for a male child who is both friendly and has the richness of heart and life.
  • Janus – This was the god of new beginnings and openings. Janus is a perfect choice for parents whose child symbolises a new journey.
  • Liber – This was the god of fertility. This one is suitable for parents who wish for their son to be successful in every aspect of their life.
  • Marcellus – It is a name derived from Mars, the god of war. It means young warrior or hammer.
  • Quirnius – This one is from the Sabine word, quiris. It means spear. Quirnius was one of the gods in Roman culture.
  • Silvanus – This was the god of the forests.
  • Vulcan – This was the god of fire.

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Mythological female Roman names

Roman girl names
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In Roman mythology, there were goddesses with special functions. From the goddesses’ names, there are mythological Roman women names that are the perfect choice for baby girls.

  • Aurora – This was the goddess of the morning. Aurora means dawn in Latin.
  • Concordia – This was the goddess of harmony and peace. It is a unique name for a peaceful girl.
  • Diana – This was the goddess of forests, the moon and childbirth. It means heavenly. The name is also associated with royalty because of Princess Diana.
  • Flora – It is a name that means flower. It was derived from flos, a Latin word. Flora was the goddess of flowers.
  • Juventas – This was the goddess of youth.
  • Marcella – It is the female version of Marcellus. It is derived from Mars, the god of war.
  • Proserpina – This was a goddess whose name means to emerge.
  • Venus – This was the goddess of love. The name means love.
  • Victoria – It is a commonly used name. It was the name of the goddess of victory and is the feminine version of Victorius.

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Roman surnames

In this culture, the cognomen was the surname. Some of the common Roman last names for boys are:

  • Caligula meaning little boots
  • Catullus meaning puppy
  • Felix meaning lucky or successful
  • Flavius meaning golden hair or blonde
  • Magnus meaning great

Choosing the perfect name for your child is a daunting task. It requires careful selection to make sure that the child’s name has a positive and profound meaning. Roman names are becoming more popular today. Some of the names are unique and inspire positive things in the child’s life. Congratulations on becoming a parent, and we hope that you get a unique name for your baby from the above list.

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