Yenagoa postal code full list by area

Yenagoa postal code full list by area

In contemporary Nigeria, modern means of passing messages are widely used. These include emails, mobile phone calls and social media. Regardless of the shift towards the more modern methods, using the post office to send and receive important documents and parcels is still prevalent. For this reason, every Nigerian who uses postal services should know the different postal codes. It is essential to know the Yenagoa postal code to avoid errors when sending and receiving items through the post.

postal code for Yenagoa
Source: UGC

Yenagoa is one of the eight local government areas in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The headquarters of this area is Yenagoa town. This local government region occupies a space of 706 km2. According to the 2006 census, the area had a population of 352,285 people. The area has different locations, each with a different Yenagoa zip code. This comprehensive list of Yenagoa postal code will guide you in choosing the correct address when using postal services in the area.

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Yenagoa postal code for the town area and streets

The Local Government Area of Yenagoa has different street areas, each with a unique Yenagoa postal code. The list of postal code for Yenagoa below gives all the locations that use a specific zip code:

Amarata-Epie area: 560231

  • Bayelsa State Scholarship Board
  • City Express Bank
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Co-operative Dev. Bank
  • Federal Medical Centre
  • Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Global Bank
  • Government of Bayelsa United Nation’s
  • Programme House
  • Ibiama Road
  • Police Headquarters Road
  • Road Safety Road
  • Societe Generale Bank
Yenagoa city postal code
Source: UGC

Nipost Makt area: 560232

  • 2nd Civil Service quarters
  • Creek Road
  • Ibiama Road
  • Ibunas Road
  • Marine Base Road
  • Medical Road
  • Police Station

Ede-Epe area: 560214

  • Agudama
  • Ekenfa
  • Ekenpai
  • Ibiama Rd.
  • Tombia Rd.
  • Yenegue

Julius Berge area: 560223

  • Amos Road
  • Aritaline Street
  • Armed Forces Remembrance Arcade
  • Bishop Dimieari Grammar School
  • Fire Service
  • Gwegwe Street
  • Harbour Road
  • Ibiama Road
  • Magistrate Court
  • Obele Road
  • Yenagoa bye pass

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Ekeki area: 650211

  • Adetayo Sade Street
  • Bauchi Road
  • Doseke Diere Woards
  • Ilorin Rd.
  • Kano Rd.
  • Marlew Rd.
  • Zaria Rd.
  • Azikoro Rd.
Yenagoa postal code
Source: UGC

Swali area: 560222

  • Bayelsa State Housing Assembly Complex
  • Egemuse Street
  • Judiciary High Court
  • Legal Aid Council
  • Omega Bank
  • Special Comp. High School for the Handicapped
  • St. Mathias Catholic Church
  • Yenagoa bye pass

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Bebelebiri area: 560233

  • Bebelebiri 1 & 2

Imgbi area: 560221

  • Brotherhood of the Cross & Star
  • Egede Close
  • Epie-South Pentecostal Central
  • First Bank Plc
  • Hallmark Bank Plc
  • Ibiama Rd.
  • Imgbi Juckion
  • Int. Cont. Bank
Yenagoa zip code
Source: UGC

Okaka area: 560212

  • Chief Okorie Street
  • Str. Freedom Wekede Avenue
  • Jaso Bus Stop
  • Old Azikoro Rd.
  • Yenagoa bye pass
  • Ibiama

Kpansia area: 560213

  • Ibiama Rd.
  • Obi Ogbola
  • Okutukutu
  • Opola-Epie

Sending mail and parcels to Yenagoa requires you to have the correct Yenagoa postal code. With this comprehensive list of Yenagoa city postal code, you will have an easy time sending and receiving parcels and mail. With the correct zip code, all items will be delivered to the right destinations in good time.

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