Mica Burton bio: age, dad, cosplay, relationship and hot photos

Mica Burton bio: age, dad, cosplay, relationship and hot photos

Cosplayers are people who know how to drive attention to favourite characters from video games, comic books, anime films, and movies. Mica Burton is one of the most curious cosplayers nowadays. This eccentric woman has many talents. She is great at acting, knows how to stream videos, perform on YouTube, and create content for game shows. Her life is like a video game fantasy. Are you ready to learn more about her?

Mica Burton bio: age, dad, cosplay, relationship and hot photos
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Mica Burton hot pictures and interesting private life are curious to thousands of her fans. Firstly, this pretty lady is rumoured to have a girlfriend. Secondly, her age and success in video game career make many minds wonder how it is possible nowadays to become so famous, rich, and recognised all over the globe. At last but not least, her talents are fantastic, and her work is outstanding.

Michaela Jean Burton bio

The girl was born in Los Angeles in a family of LeVar and Stephanie. She spent her childhood years in California.

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As a kid, Mica was in love with cosplaying. She enjoyed to dress up as recognised characters from comics, games, cartoons, and movies.

Mica Burton age

This wonderful girl’s birthday is celebrated in summer. Born on July 8 in 1994, she is turning 25 years old in 2019. Right now, her age is 24 years old.

Being her father’s little girl, she spent much time playing video games with him and was in love with various TV shows. The first costume she got as a kid was Sailor Moon because Mica enjoyed that series a lot.

She showed her interest in cosplay conventions while being at school. The girl enjoyed self-expression through cosplaying. It was fun for her to sew and doing makeup, so no wonder that she selected the art sphere as her future career.

Michaela Jean chose the University of Michigan School of Theatre and Dance for her higher education. She completed her studies three years ago, back in 2016. She has got her B.F.A. in Theatre and found how to express herself in her job.

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Rooster Teeth Mica

Mica Burton is a talented actress. She is well-known as a cosplayer. She creates terrific on-air shows.

Many of Michaela’s fans know her as Rooster Teeth Mica. It happens because she had been in love with Rooster Teeth YouTube channel for many years before she got a unique chance to meet one of its members. It happened in Los Angeles, in one of the local restaurants. The girl was there with her family when she saw someone from Rooster Teeth at the same place. She found the courage to talk to that person, and that meeting changed her future once and forever.

She attended a convention with Rooster Teeth, was at the cast for the company’s movie, and she got featured in several films.

Once Michaela graduated from her school, she received a job offer from Rooster Teeth, and her talents have been enjoyed by many people from different parts of the world for several years until she decided to leave this company in 2018.

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This famous girl has been a great news editor. She has worked for Lazer Team, The Know, Rooster Teeth Shorts, The Eleven Little Roosters, and other projects. She led the Achievement Hunter streams. Mica worked for On The Spot, and with Avalon Artists Group. She was also featured in Let Us Play and Always Open podcasts.

Today, according to her Twitter account information, Michaela lives in Los Angeles. She is a well-known cosplay actress and amazing on-air personality.

Mica Burton dad

It is amazing how some children are influenced by their family when the time comes to choose their future career. Mica Burton dad whose name is LeVar Burton has always been great at creating costumes. Known as Trekkie, he is a famous actor, director, and producer of Reading Rainbow TV series for kids. The series Reading Rainbow TV that aired in 1983-2006 won Emmy award.

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The girl’s dad was featured in Star Trek (that is why many fans call him Trekkie). He played Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. He also took part in Roots series.

Mica Burton girlfriend

Anyone who is searching for Mica Burton hot photos should look at this talented woman with her girlfriend. Michaela does not keep it a secret that she likes both men and women.

Mica is okay with sharing her hot images with her girlfriend on her social accounts.

While Mica Burton relationship is not a secret to the public eye, she does not mention the name of her better half. Still, she tags her on both Twitter and Instagram.

These are the most curious facts about Mica Burton, her relationship, life, and career. This famous cosplay model and actress is active in her social accounts. She has over 78 thousand followers on Instagram and about 101 thousand on Twitter.

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