Man cries after his wife paid a lady to seduce him and used that to leave

Man cries after his wife paid a lady to seduce him and used that to leave

A Ghanaian man narrated the intriguing story of how his wife set him up to cheat on her and used that as an excuse to leave him. He told the sad tale of how his wife paid someone to seduce him and he easily fell into her trap.

According to the man, he has been married to the wife for six years now. Recently, he bumped into another woman at two different locations and thinking that it was a random meet, he started a relationship with this new lady.

Unknown to the man who is 38-years-old, the lady had been hired to seduce him and get him to cheat on his wife and he easily fell into the trap.

The wife, after the cheating episode, revealed to him that she had sent the lady to seduce him in order to prove a point.

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After her revelation to him, the wife packed out of their matrimonial home and has been living in her own house for about three months now.

The man who narrated his story in a chat with popular Ghanaian relationship expert, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, indicated that he loves his wife very much and has done everything possible to make up with her but she is refusing to forgive him.

While the man admitted to cheating on the wife previously, he claims to have changed and had been concentrating only on his wife until the setup made him slip. Now he fears his wife is using his mistake to see another man though he is yet to get any proof to that effect.

"I became intimate with a lady I thought I had accidentally, bumped into at two different locations/occasions, and had become very close friends with. Apparently, my wife had paid her to show up at both venues - to catch my attention.

"My wife is using my mistake to see another man. I’m also thinking she had been waiting for me to slip, so she could love someone else," part of the man's message read.

In his confused state, the man was seeking for advice from Bondzie-Mbir on how to deal with his estranged wife.

Though the relationship expert agreed that the wife should have believed the man enough so as not to test him in this manner, he faulted the husband for not standing his grounds and failing the test.

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He thus advised him to allow the wife some space to reflect on the matter before he would go to beg her and use the time apart to grow his character.

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