Why you start earning more and still feel the lack of money

Why you start earning more and still feel the lack of money

Many of us fear not having enough money. There are plenty places and spaces where this is an absolutely legitimate fear after losing a job or when you’ve had an illness or death in the family and after realizing that you made a bad investment.

So many factors contribute to you feeling you lack money despite the huge amount of money you are being paid. Legit.ng has brought you reasons why you still feels the money you is not enough:

Why you start earning more and still feel the lack of money

1. Peer pressure: Friends have a way of influencing how you spend. Especially when they are aware you just got a new job with a fat salary, they make sure you pay for their drinks and food anything you are hanging out. By doing this, your money finishes before the end of the month.

2. Luxurious lifestyle: Some people like to bite more than they can chew y leaving a flashy lifestyle you know so well cannot be maintained. They always want to step out rocking the most expensive designer outfits, driving the latest and expensive cars, going on endless vacation trips abroad, staging the classiest parties and much more.

When you have more money, you have more life quality expectations, like you go to work by taxi, buy more expensive cloth/food, travel to place they have never been. And your expenses become higher. And you again feel the lack of money.

3. Family issues: Everyone surely have one issue or another that they are trying to sort out within family members. Some may be close relations while other might not be. These issues become so much that if one person in the richest among every other member of the family, everyone will cling to him until they have their share of the money. This makes this person feel he or she is not making enough cash and so strives for more.

4. The economy: The state of the economy is also a contributing factor to why people feel despite the amount of cash they earn, they still feel the lack of money. Here, people spend so much money of transportation especially during fuel scarcity while others spend huge amount in buying food stuffs. This makes life unbearable for those who just work to feed their families as they will not be able to save nothing or little of their monthly earnings.

5. Gamble: Here some people do not mind using their last penny to gamble because they might get lucky to win big. However, this luck does not come every day or every week but the individual doesn’t mind using all his money to gamble and at the end of the day, complain that he has no money.

6. Worry: Here some people just like to worry themselves unnecessarily. They actually have more than enough cash in their bank accounts but they still worry or have the fear that what they have can never be enough. So, they work tirelessly to make more money.

Why you start earning more and still feel the lack of money

How not to feel the lack of money.

Too much rules are not required here, you just have to cut you coat according to your size that is, learn how to plan your life according to your earnings. Below are some tips that will help you spend wisely:

1. Make a budget: This is the same as identifying your needs and wants. Because you have so much money does not mean you should buy everything your eyes sees and hands touch. You have to be able to attend to your urgent and immediate needs, this will help you save more and not spindly foolishly.

2. Piggy bank: Many have bank account but still find it hard to save money. This is because you have easy access to the nearest Automated Teller Machine (ATM). However, having a piggy bank where you know does not use an ATM card or cheque can rescue you but this takes a lot of discipline.

Piggy banks are made with wood and every day or week, you drop money in it and after the estimated time of opening comes, this money comes in handy and you won’t have to complain of not having enough money.

Note: Spend wisely!

Source: Legit.ng

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