How to write a salary increment letter? (with samples)

How to write a salary increment letter? (with samples)

Do you know how to write a salary increment letter? Sooner or later, you feel the need for salary increment because as job responsibilities increase from year to year, the emotional burnout attacks. Of course, you want to get an adequate remuneration for your job, but it seems that your boss does not notice the extra workload. Does this sound familiar to you? It is high time to request a pay increment. How do you do it properly? Our tips and samples will be handy.

A salary increment letter writing (with samples)
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Usually, an employer raises an employee’s salary if there are the following reasons for it:

  • the transfer to the higher paying position than the previous one;
  • the change of the organisational working conditions (the operation mode changes; introduction, replacement and revision of the labour standards, etc.);
  • the change of industrial working conditions (a complication of the manufacturing process, introduction of new technologies that complicate the work of staff, adding of new equipment);
  • the company indexed its pays.

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An employer can raise wages for all employees of the company as well as for individual employees or one department at its discretion. But what can you do if the boss does not raise wages? Take the initiative and write a letter for salary increment.

Firstly, find out who is responsible for making decisions on such matters. It is best to write an application to the head of your department or president of the company and to endorse with your direct manager or supervisor.

Salary increment letter format

The letter can be written in a free form with adhering to some rules.

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A salary increment letter in the process
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In the document header, you should indicate your data, the letter writing date, full name and position of a person to whom the application is addressed, the company name and address with the contacts.

Next, you must specify the subject of the document ‘Application for salary increment’ or ‘Request for salary increment’.

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In the main part of the letter, go to the main point of the question. It is recommended to explain the reasons why an employee asks a manager to consider the application for the salary increment. For example, it may be increasing in your working hours, duties, performance requirements as well as the end of the probationary period. It is also necessary to describe the results of your activities, note the benefits and profits for the enterprise. Be sure to include your term of employment with the company.

It is worth pointing out the actual successes and progress that you attained working at your position. Making a list of your achievements over the past six months, do not be shy and hide the merits. Describe the results you achieved, list additional functions and responsibilities. Write in numbers how much the department performance or one employee’s work increased. You should reasonably prove that your job has become more valuable.

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Also, indicate the due amount of your increment. It should be borne in mind that top management may not remember the pay levels of the company's employees. The amount indicated by you will help your boss to make the decision more quickly. Having issued the central part of the application, you must thank your boss and sign the letter.

A salary increment letter for employee
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When drawing up the application for a salary increase, you should use a business style, and also try to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • a lot of text and overly detailed statement;
  • comparing your wages with the salary of other employees or your workload with the other employees’ amount of work.

What sum should you indicate in the salary increment letter?

  1. First, find out what salary is paid for the same position in other companies. You can look through the ads in media and job search sites, talk with friends.
  2. Second, examine their offers and pay attention to the ‘working conditions’ section. Sometimes the real workload often does not correspond to the data indicated in the main advertise.
  3. Third, try to get acquainted with the salary reviews of your position in top recruitment agencies. Just remember, the high pay may not be available due to the increased requirements for qualifications, education and other conditions.

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A salary increment letter for teacher
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Besides the standard letter format, you can choose the email request. The salary increment application can be used for a single employee as well as the entire department or even the whole company. The letter for the collective pay increase should be made by the head of the department or supervisor. Each position implies its features when writing the application. The sample letter requesting a salary increase for an office employee differs from the teacher's one, etc.

List of salary increment letter samples

See the list of letter samples:

If you are ready to ask your employer to raise your wages, do not be surprised that after satisfying your request you will get new job duties and an increase of workload and responsibility level. Upgrade your skills and after some time, write a worthwhile salary increment letter!

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