50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages

50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages

Sometimes, we want to send goodnight text messages to our soulmates, friends, or just relatives. In this post, we have collected 50 different goodnight messages, texts, and quotes that will easily decorate your goodnight love text message and give lots of pleasant emotions.

50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages
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So, how do you craft the perfect goodnight message to your loved one? Read on to get inspiration for this.

Good night text to my love

Sometimes, there are not enough words or ideas to come up with goodnight text for her. Girls sometimes find it much easier to come up with goodnight text for him. Guys, on the other hand, may find this quite tasking.

  • Many people think that sleep is the best part of life! For me, it will be like this when we fall asleep together. Sweet dreams.
  • Get enough sleep today! The night is not as long as it seems! I will be mentally with you.
  • Best sleep - next to your loved one. But since now I can not be with you, then just imagine that we are together, kissing and wishing you a peaceful and sweet night.
  • Sweet dreams and wonderful rest tonight. With love, I wish you a peaceful rest!
  • Wonderful dreams, my love, bright, relaxing hours of restful sleep. I hope this night bring peace to my angel and gives strength to important steps on the way to the cherished dream.
  • I wish you sweet sleep and beautiful dreams. And when you wake up tomorrow, be sure to call me first.
  • Good night, my wonderful man. May my love cover you with a blanket of tenderness, may my sweet kiss send you wonderful and bright dreams.
  • I can chat with you all night long, but it's time for someone to sleep. Goodnight!
  • Good dreams, my dear man. May the bright angels keep your peace and bring bright, fabulous dreams, full of goodness and love.
  • I wish you a calm, light and lulling night, so that the dream world into which you are transported is as beautiful as my feelings for you.

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Goodnight text message for a friend

50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages
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At some moments, our friends need our support much more than at other moments. It will be especially wonderful to send a sweet goodnight text to a friend before an important event. Delight your friend at night looking and inspire him or her using any of these texts:

  • Sweet dreams. Go to sleep. Remember that there is no better medicine than good sleep!
  • In a dream, many difficult problems are solved! So, fall asleep quickly and wake up with new thoughts and ideas!
  • All dreams, conceived and conceived, tomorrow will be even closer to execution. Good night. Go to sleep.
  • I wish you good sleep.
  • Sleep well, wake up with a smile.

Goodnight romantic text messages

50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages
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To impress your girlfriend, you may want to send a romantic goodnight text to her to make her smile. But these messages are suitable not only for girls. A goodnight text to boyfriend is always a good idea. After all, boys also love it so much when girls say nice words to them.

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  • Although not long before dawn, you still need to sleep. Good night, my kitten! See you in my dreams.
  • Goodnight, I miss you already. I look forward to the next meeting!
  • I close my eyes and imagine that you are near now, hugging me, kissing, laughing. With you, it is always so good! Sweet dreams with me in the lead role.
  • Love knows no bounds. Even at a distance, I can gently hug you, kiss you tightly, then hold back and caress you passionately ... Sweet dreams!
  • Babe, go to sleep, because I will come to you in a dream!
  • Wrap yourself in a blanket, close your eyes, and let yourself have the sweetest dreams all night long! And let my kiss blow to you!
50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages
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  • My soul will strive for you even in a dream, for love, there are no barriers between us. Sweet dreams.
  • Good night, my joy. I wish this night gives you a wonderful dream and a comfortable rest. May tomorrow be a good day in every sense!
  • I may not be with you tonight, but I hope that the wind will bring my kiss to you. Sweet dreams.
  • The day has passed, the night will be without you, but I will dream about you! Good night my love. Sleep tight, I'll call tomorrow!
  • I want to write a nice goodnight text to my love. You fill me with exiting feelings, may this night also fill you with energy for the next day! Sweet dreams, my joy.
  • I wish I sleep in your arms!
  • I do not want to fall asleep alone.
  • I wish your dreams come true.
  • I want to see you in my dream. Goodnight!
  • I want to get under the blanket with you.
  • Good and sweet dreams.
  • In my dream, I will think of you.
  • I ordered good dreams for you ...
  • May you dream something good.
  • Waiting for your gentle, sweet kiss, I want to hug you as soon as possible. Sweet dreams!
  • My soul wishes you a good night. And my lips kiss you before you fall asleep. Good night my sweetheart.

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50 sweet goodnight texts, quotes and messages
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  • Everyone closes their eyes because they want to sleep, and I fall asleep because I want to watch you in my slumber. Goodnight!
  • To the most gentle, kind, and beautiful, lady I know, I want to wish you very beautiful slumber and a good night!
  • The wind is howling outside the window and the cars are buzzing. And my angel is waiting for a warm cozy bed. I hope that you will see in your dream something interesting, unusually joyful and memorable, and, of course, I hope I will listen to this story in the morning. Good night, the most sweet dreams to you!
  • Good night my love! I wish you warm sleep, and see grateful dreams. And when you wake up tomorrow, be sure to call me first. After all, I do not know about others, but my morning comes when my little sun rises! And my sun is you!
  • After a long hard day, rest, my dear. Let nothing disturb you, leave all the problems to them, anyway, they do not disappear. Sweet dreams.
  • The cure for any difficulties, for any anxiety can be the silence of the night - Tom Hanks
  • Night has always been a time of magic and miracles - Dmitry Blake

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Most often, guys write goodnight text for her, but the girls also love to please their loved ones with pleasant words for the night. So, dear girls, feel free to choose any goodnight text for him you like. Your man will be very pleased if you remember him before bedtime.

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