Ankara tops for ladies to rock in 2019

Ankara tops for ladies to rock in 2019

What are trendy Ankara tops for ladies to rock in 2019?! Every style conscious Nigerian fashionista has Ankara tops for all occasions. This convenient piece of clothing can be worn in both business and casual style. It is perfectly combined with skirts, trousers, stylish jeans and shorts. Let's find out the kinds of tops that will be trendy this season.

Ankara tops for ladies

Today, unusual fashion styles and prints are trendy. Besides, the use of Ankara bright color palette, transparent inserts and many other elements are in high demand.

Ankara fashion come in a variety of designs. Ankara trouser and top styles as well as Ankara top and skirt designs rock in 2019!

Ankara tops

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Ankara tops for ladies

Read our review of fashion trends for Ankara tops in 2019. If you want to look stylish in the new season, pay attention to the next trends when choosing Ankara tops designs:

  • off-shoulder style
  • strips and geometrical patterns
  • frills and flounces
  • crop-top designs
  • transparent inserts

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Ankara off shoulder top


Ankara off-shoulder tops

Ankara tops with cold shoulders are one of the fashion trends of 2019. Flirty cutouts on the shoulder line or bare shoulders give zest to even the simplest top. With such designs, you will always look attractive and elegant. An off-shoulder top can be worn with ordinary jeans and classic shoes.

Ankara tops on jeans for ladies are the best solution for casual style. This top can also be combined with bright Ankara skirts. Ankara tops with bare shoulders look very simple but unusual. They are good for everyday and evening wears.

Retro-inspired flared skirts are also often worn with such tops. This combination helps you create a contrast between two different styles and get an interesting look. With the help of small accents, you can make you style more feminine.

Ankara cold shoulder top

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These tops emphasize the shoulders and therefore require a perfect posture. If you are not sure about this, it is better to wear them with loose hair.

Ankara top with geometrical pattern


Ankara tops with stripes and patterns

Choose Ankara tops with simple striped pattern for office.

Ankara top with strips and other geometrical prints

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Ankara top with geometrical ornament


Ankara striped top is a fairly universal thing for any occasion. It goes with virtually every pant or skirt.

Ankara top with frills

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Ankara tops with frills

Frills are another fashion trend that look great. Ankara top with frills make the chest visually larger and shoulders wider than usual. Ankara designs of tops with peplum underline the waist and hide your tummy.

Ankara peplum top


Ankara tops with frills definitely appeal to lovers of elegant casual style. Long tops with frills starting from the waist are good for plus size ladies. Using flounces, you can create volume around the décolleté. If you have feminine and narrow shoulders, frills can visually expand them.

Ankara off shoulder top with frills

Ankara off shoulder top with frills. Photo:

Ankara top with flounces

Ankara tops with frills can be mixed with almost any clothing. If you want to mix contrasting shapes, try on ripped jeans with a light Ankara top with flounces.

Ankara top with long sleeves and frills

Ankara top with long sleeves and frills; photo:

The classic option for office or casual style is a plain skirt and Ankara top with frills. Today midi and maxi skirts are in fashion. Such outfits look great in the hot weather drawing everyone’s attention to you.

Ankara top with asymmetry

Ankara top with asymmetry; source of the photo:

Ankara tops with asymmetry

Asymmetry is a modern fashion trend reflected in design this season. Ankara tops are no exception. It can be a one-shoulder style, asymmetrical flounces, jabot, and other decorative elements.

Ankara top with asymmetry and frills


Ankara off shoulder top with asymmetry

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Asymmetrical Ankara tops go with simple basic wears. A pencil skirt is good for an asymmetrical top.

Ankara top with lace


Ankara tops with transparent inserts

Thin translucent fabrics such as chiffon and lace add grace and elegance to Ankara tops. Ankara top with inset of chiffon and lace will help create a festive and feminine look.

Ankara and lace top

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Ankara bra top

Ankara bra top; photo:

Ankara crop top

Ankara crop top; source of the photo:

Ankara crop tops

Crop tops have also remain in trend in 2019. These are the favorite clothes of young and slim girls. Simple Ankara tops for ladies are at the peak of their popularity too.

Ankara bando top

Ankara bando top. Photo source:

Such tops are great beach and casual options. Ankara bando tops go with jeans, shorts and flared maxi skirts made from lightweight fabrics.

Ankara plus size top


Ankara tops for plus size

When choosing Ankara tops, plus-size women needs to take note of the following:

  1. Pick tops with V-neck. Such design emphasizes the chest line.
  2. Ankara top with frills is a good option. Frills create additional volume, however, avoid flounces in the shoulder area. They expand the silhouette to the sides and add extra volume.

Ankara top with open back

Ankara top with open back; photo:

Ankara top with flared sleeves

Ankara top with flared sleeves; source of the photo:

Beautiful Ankara tops for ladies come in huge variety. Besides, this wardrobe detail is very practical, you can mix Ankara top with almost anything.

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