What type of milk is best for skin care goat or cow milk?

What type of milk is best for skin care goat or cow milk?

Many women use products that contain milk as part of their skin routine, but what type of milk is best for skin care goat or cow milk? Let's figure out this dilemma once and for all, as we discuss their benefits and see which milk is better.

What type of milk is best for skin care goat or cow milk?
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Yes, it is not a secret that in many of our cosmetics goods there’s milk components. Not in the raw condition, certainly, but fact still remains truthful.

However, very few consider milk as very effective thing to use for skin care exactly raw, not its potions. Raw milk can serve you as an incredible beauty supplement, because its features are indispensable. Strangely, it has been a secret for many women who care about their skin condition. Such supplement as milk can replace your many expensive products you spend money on.

But still, which milk to consider the best for our skin, goat or cow milk? Let us clarify.

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Cow milk benefits for skin

What type of milk is best for skin care goat or cow milk?
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Cow milk is that type we all know and consume in food; someone does it daily, drinking gallons of this drink. Surely, it gives us many benefits, but using it externally sometimes can give you more valuable results for health, than taking it internally.

Cow milk is rich with B, A, and D vitamins, calcium, lactic acid and many different antioxidants that improve your skin state and mood in general. This rich composition of the ingredients let you use cow milk as skin toner, gentle scrub, moisturizer, cleanser or lightener for your skin in case you have tan or pigmentation issues.

One of best ways to use it is make a toner. It is easy to make it by yourself, just be careful with the upcoming recipe’s proportion. It is suitable for all skin types but, for example, the amount of lemon juice has to remain under control if your skin is too gentle and dry.

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So, to prepare such remedy for your skin as toner made of cow milk you will need to mix a composition of milk, lemon juice and rose water. When the mixture is ready, put it on your face and neck and leave it for next 15 minutes. Of course, you should watch your skin reaction to that skin care. It is compulsory to make an allergy test on your wrist beforehand.

Also, usage of raw milk as your cosmetics goods can keep your acne under control. This method works for skin, which often gets oily either super dry (combined). Obtain yourself fuller’s earth, rose water and raw cow milk, of course. Beat the mixture into smooth paste and put it on your face problematic area. Leave it till it gets dry and sponge your face. A few procedures of that will not leave you waiting long for results.

Not less popular way of treating yourself with pleasant skin care procedure is an exfoliating bath. In ancient times that was the number one procedure to add raw cow milk to water, as it has a great impact on your skin providing it with softening, exfoliation and protecting it of many skin issues and illnesses, such as eczema and etc.

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The recipe for this kind of bath is quite easy: just fill your bathtub with water, add 5 cups of raw milk, ½ cup of honey and few drops of your favorite essential oil. As the bath is ready, dive in and enjoy such self treatment.

Goat milk benefits for skin

What type of milk is best for skin care goat or cow milk?
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Women who tend to use ecological cosmetics claim that goat milk wins over cow milk. But why does goat milk come to be more beneficial? How exactly does goat milk blow cow’s milk out of the farm?

Well, both of them have got such advantage as lactic acid that does miracles to our skin, but according to many sources, cow milk makes acid form in our bodies as its pH level differs a lot unlike goat milk. Goat milk pH level is really close to humans’ that’s why using it is more advantageous and less “harmful”. pH level impacts and affect on our skin complexion, especially in those cases when there are a lot breakouts on your face, for example.

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Though both goat and cow milks contain good fat molecules and proteins, it is better to use goat milk for anti-inflammatory treatments. Also, it is the best to add to soap bars in case you’re purposing to smooth your skin and get rid of those little wrinkles, which pop up unexpectedly.

Goat milk is preferred to be used mostly on dry skin, because it is more moisturizing than cow milk and may cause extra oiliness on your skin, which you don’t need.

Consequently, cow and goat milk are both rich with many components and can help to maintain your skin fresh regarding features they got in stock. The main thing is to pick milk up to your needs and skin type.

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