Importance of love in our lives

Importance of love in our lives

This time we want to talk about the importance of love. It is obvious that the importance of love is enormous, and every human being can feel it. But the surprising fact is that there is no simple definition of the term “love.” Read on to find out more about this great aspect of our life.

Importance of love

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The importance of love for humanity

Love encompasses a variety of strong and positive emotional and mental states, ranging from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure. — This is the definition of love by Wikipedia.

This definition is one of many, and it shows how multifaceted love can be. The value of love in the life of a human is defined as the main one. No matter who is the person, love always takes an important place in his or her life because love is defined as the most important subjective indicator of happiness. The opposite feeling of love is hate, and that feeling is associated with suffering.

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Love is one of the fundamental and common themes in world culture and art. Thoughts about love and its analysis as a phenomenon go back to the most ancient philosophical systems, and literature monuments known to people.

Throughout the history of human society, the complexity and dialectical diversity of love have generated a significant number of interpretations of the phenomenon in various cultures.

In this notion, the importance of love can be seen as a power that influences whole human’s civilization. We all know numerous historical events and great masterpieces of art that were created by the inspiration and influence of love. Moreover, love is seen as a factor which contributes to the continuation of the human race.

Romantic relationships in most cases lead to the creation of family and the birth of children. Thus, love has great importance not only for culture but also for the survival of humanity as a species.

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True love

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As for the importance of love in family, it is quite obvious. It is impossible to have a happy family without love, and it is impossible to raise children without love. It is notable that the love of family helps to raise more full-fledged and healthy personality.

When a child grows up and begins to experience his or her first romantic feelings, it plays a huge role in the socialization of this individual. And love doesn't leave us even in old ages, there are many cases of old couples who still feel love and it makes their life happier. As we see, love surrounds us everywhere, and at any period of our life.

Importance of love as a sense of life

Many people define love as their sense of life, and it makes love even more important, but in all these cases love is considered as the main feeling and power of life.

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At this point, let's talk about the importance of true love. As we already know the concept of love is very ambiguous. People talk about true love and fake love because love can be a source not only of happiness but also of suffering. If the person considers love as his or her sense of life, it can be very painful for this person to lose this love or to find out that this love is fake. This is another aspect of the importance of love for our life.

The importance of love from the psychological point of view

To better understand the meaning of love and its importance, we should look at the psychologists' point of view. They define love as: the feeling that stimulates the brain to secrete pleasure hormones, dopamine, a feeling of happiness and serenity. Love is an objective notion, the need for a person to feel loved, to give beautiful emotions to others, to be happy and satisfied.

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Some say love Is chemical reaction. From this point of view, lovers like to be together because it contributes to the production of various hormones that lead to euphoria, and other effects.

Others say love is spiritual. The important notion is that love is an active action, not passive acceptance. In the most general form, the active nature of love can be described by the statement that love means, first of all, to give, not to accept. To give - is defined as a great manifestation of love, when a person is able to give without demanding something in return.

It is obvious that it doesn't matter how a person understand love, it only matters how he or she feels it. Anyway, importance of love in marriage, family, romantic relationships or in any other form affects the life of a person and can become the sense of his or her life.

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