What is water conservation?

What is water conservation?

It is very important to be aware of the importance of water conservation in our lives because every person is affected by the situation on a global level. So, read on to find out more details.

Water conservation

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Water conservation importance, methods, and issues

Let’s start with water conservation definition, Wikipedia defines water conservation as all the strategies, policies and activities aimed to manage the natural resource of fresh water. These are all the actions conducted to protect the hydrosphere, and to meet human demand for water.

Water conservation includes programs of reducing water consumption and improving water use efficiency for resource conservation, environmental protection and improving the efficiency of industry, housing and utilities, and agriculture.

Water conservation methods include:

  • Any reduction of water losses, water use or pollution, as well as the preservation of the quality of water resources;
  • The reduction of water usage by introducing water conservation measures or increasing water use efficiency;
Water use efficiency

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  • Implementing of water management systems that reduce or favor the reduction of excess water consumption.

Conservation of water has such aims:

  • Renewability of water resources

In order to ensure the availability of water resources for future generations, fresh water intake should not exceed the natural replacement rate of water;

  • Saving of energy

The pumping of water, its delivery, and treatment of wastewater consume a significant amount of energy. In some regions of the world, 15% of total energy consumption is spent on activities related to water management;

  • Preservation of natural habitat

The reduction of water consumption helps to preserve the natural aquatic environment, which is important for the local flora and fauna, and also increases total water flow. It also reduces the need to build new dams and other water intake facilities.

Water conservation methods

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The programs for protection and rational use of water are initiated at the local level, either by local municipal authorities or by regional structures. Key strategies of water conservation include social advertising campaigns, a multi-level price for water (the more is a water consumption level, the higher cost), or a ban on using water outside the home (for watering the lawn or washing the car).

One of the most important goals for water protection is the widespread installation of measurement systems. The distribution of water consumption meters in the private sector is very important for water conservation.

Some researchers believe that the efforts to protect water resources and treat them with care should be, first of all, related to farmers since 70% of the world's water is used for agriculture.

Water consumption

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The agricultural sector in most countries of the world is important both from an economic and political point of view. Supporters of the introduction of objective water use measures insist on the adoption of tougher laws on water protection, stimulating the use of more advanced irrigation technologies.

We all know that water is one of the most important resources on our planet. Rational use of water resources is the primary task for all countries and each person. In the last years, we see significant problems associated with the irrational use of water, pollution, and depletion of water sources.

Water conservation in Nigeria

First big program related to water resources management appeared in the county in 1976, it was Nigeria River Basin Development Authorities (RBDA). Today water conservation efforts in the country seem to be quite struggling. Such water conservation programs as WaterAid, UNICEF, and USAID operate in Nigeria, but in most cases they have to work with water sanitation issues.

Water conservation in Nigeria

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There are organizations that provide people with low-cost ceramic water filters in order to help Nigerians with cleaning water because water pollution became a terrifying issue in Nigeria. See also: Climate change in Nigeria 2017

Every citizen of the country can do simple actions to help the process of water conservation, for example:

  • Turn off the tap after wetting your toothbrush;
  • Install water-saving equipment;
  • Wash food in a bowl;
  • Check water leaks;
  • Use rainwater;
Water in life

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These are the simplest ways to save water, and they are available for everyone. Every person can do a simple actions to help the situation.

Arid regions of the country need water conservation programs. There is Federal Ministry of Water Resources that was created to provide access to safe and sufficient water for all Nigerians. The current minister is Hon. Suleiman Adamu Kazaure.

Now you know the meaning and importance of water conservation and are aware of the important role of every person in the process of water saving and proper use.

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