Different types of kisses and their meanings from boyfriend

Different types of kisses and their meanings from boyfriend

Types of kisses and their meanings are very important. From birth, a person is programmed to kiss. Every kiss and lip touch has a meaning. Let's learn about all of them!

Different types of kisses
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Many people are interested in the meaning of kisses.

Options for kissing:

  • Sliding. This is a actually no kissing.
  • Seducing. Most often it is a kiss, which involves the lips and tongue. This kiss speaks of desire.
  • Mocking. This is a kiss when the movements of the lips are active, and then stop abruptly.

Types of lip kisses and their meaning

Guy's kiss in the neck

The neck is an erogenous zone in most women. A kiss in this area causes a lot of excitement and desire. The most interesting thing is that a US citizen was given a life sentence of imprisonment for having kissed a woman on the neck. This is equated with sexual harassment of the first type. Therefore, if a man kisses you on the neck, he shows a desire.

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Guy's kiss on the right and left cheek

A kiss on the cheek has a different meaning. Abroad, it is customary to greet your acquaintances with a kiss on the cheek. This is the usual friendly smack, which says that a person is glad to see you.

Guy's kiss on the eye

That kind of touching lips is called an angel's kiss. It is believed that this is the highest degree of intimacy and only those who have serious intentions kiss the eyes. Although some people believe that such a gesture promises separation.

Guy's kiss on the forehead

types of kisses
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Usually people kiss young children this way. Concerning a woman, the same thing happens. In this case, the man takes care and is ready to support her and protect. This suggests that the guy treats you like a little girl.

Guy's kiss on the hand, palm, wrist

It is simply considered a greeting. Older women have a positive attitude towards them, but young people do not really like it. But if you are unfamiliar with a man, and he kisses you in the hand, this indicates his interest and attention. If he kisses your wrists, then the man worships you and wants intimacy. Finger kisses indicate a strong desire.

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Guy's kiss on the nose

A kiss in the nose means a desire to attract attention and bring a smile to your face. Used by mothers who want to cheer up their children. Often couples who are long together, with the help of a kiss on the nose, want to improve the mood of the girl.

Guy's kiss in the ear

This is a passionate kiss, it is often combined by nibbling a lobe and indicates a passionate desire of a partner.

Guy's kiss on the head, hair, temple

This kiss usually has no sexual overtones and expresses patronage. A man in every way wants to protect you and take care. It often happens in couples where a man is older than a woman.

Guy's kiss on the shoulder

Often this suggests a hidden passion. A man wants you, but he manages to restrain his desire.

Quick kiss on the lips

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Such a smack is usually used when people greet in a friendly company. In this case, it does not mean anything. But if it was an occasional smack, then maybe the partner is looking at you and wants more. He decided to evaluate your reaction and the opportunity to move forward.

Normal kiss on the lips without tongue

kiss on the lips
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This is a classic kiss that speaks of passion.

How to do it?

Bend your head forward, relax your lips and touch them to one man’s lip.

It may be a lower lip. Next, pinch the lover's lip between yours, linger for 2-5 seconds.

If your partner is reaching for you, you can drive over your lip with your tongue or bite it.

French kiss

This is one of the most passionate kisses. Speaks about the sexual desire of the man, which he is not able to restrain. At the same time, the partner's tongue is moving in your mouth in a businesslike manner.

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Lip biting while kissing

Initially, many will think that this is a manifestation of passion. But it's not quite like that.

If, while kissing, your man bites his lower lip a little, it symbolizes that he is not sure of your feelings, and the partner expresses jealousy.

If he slightly bites his upper lip when he kisses, this is how authority is usually expressed towards you.

Air kiss

With the help of an air kiss girls flirt. This gives mystery and zest. Men rarely do this, because they are accustomed to act.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for touching lips, all the types of kisses and meaning are different. How do you like to be kissed?

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