Yinka Ayefele's biography and music career

Yinka Ayefele's biography and music career

Nigeria is the country of talented people. It has many impressive musicians whose life is interesting to discover. For example, how much do you know about Yinka Ayefele biography? This famous gospel singer has more than 200 awards and more than 20 albums. He has a curious personality and fascinating life. Let us tell you his motivating life story.

Yinka Ayefele's biography

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Biography of Yinka Ayefele

The life story of every person begins from his or her birth. Yinka Ayefele was born over 44 years ago, according to bionetworth.com.ng. He was the first child in his family, and the happy event took place in Ekiti State.

The boy was raised in Ipoti city in the same state in the South-West of Nigeria where Yinka Ayefele was born. He went to Our Saviours Anglican Primary School in this city and obtained his basic education there. Then the future gospel music star went to a College of Arts and Science in Ondo State.

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Ever since his secondary school, he loved playing trumpet and guitar. He sang in the choir and really loved what he was doing, but he didn’t think about turning into a singer. He dreamt of a financial profession or future work in the office.

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Before the major changes in the biography of Yinka Ayefele, this Nigerian man joined the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria in Ibadan where he performed various journalist tasks and worked as a radio producer for different jingles and tunes.

The big changes came in 1997 when he had a car accident. The consequences were horrible because his spinal cord was damaged and broke several ribs. Even after receiving the medical treatment for many-many months in a row, his recovery was slow. He had to spend over 9 months in the hospital and finally ended up in the wheelchair.

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When he was still in the hospital, he was visited by one of his friends by name of Kola Olootu. The two men decided to record some music, and this idea influenced Yinka Ayefele life story and helped him to make his hobby a full-time work that also made him famous and happy.

The debut album followed in 1998. It was called Bitter Experience. It got noticed by people who were more than happy to pay money for their copy and the success motivated Yinka Ayefele to record more songs.

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Yinka Ayefele music

The talented gospel singer has been releasing albums ever since 1998. Yinka Ayefele music has become so popular that the man was awarded the cultural ambassador in Ekiti.

Here is the list of his main studio albums:

  • Bitter Experience – 1998
  • Sweet Experience – 1999
  • Something Else – 2000
  • Divine Intervention – 2001
  • Fun Fair – 2002
  • Life After Death – 2003
  • Aspiration – 2004
  • Fulfilment – 2005
  • New Dawn – 2006
  • Next Level – 2007

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As you can see, the music star releases one album every year. Sometimes he even presents two albums per year. This happened in 2008 when Nigeria saw the presentation of Absolute Praise and Gratitude.

The 2009-2016 also were marked by the release of new studio albums with Yinka Ayefele music, including Transformation, Everlasting Grace, Prayer Point, Goodness of God, Comforter, Overcomer, Upliftment and Fresh Glory. In 2017, there was the album titled Living Testimony.

The gospel music is really incredible because the man sings in different languages, including English, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

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Yinka Ayefele most popular songs

Every album created by this singer is interesting and has many great tunes on it. You can find inspiration and motivation in any release.

Here are some of the most popular songs by Yinka Ayefele:

  • Prayer Point
  • Wonderful Story
  • Amazing God
  • Psalm 109
  • Jesu O Se
  • Halleluya
  • Aye Le
  • Mo Mo
  • My Life Time
  • My Hands Are Blessed

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Yinka Ayefele biography and family (wife)

Yinka Ayefele and his wife Temitope Titilope; photo: eaglesnewsmedia.com

Yinka Ayefele family

The biography of Yinka Ayefele wouldn’t be complete without his family. You’ll be glad to hear his happy life story because the singer met a woman named Temitope Titilope and fell in love with her. The couple got married in 2000.

The family is still happy together. They have three kids. The two parents and their three boys are an example of a successful Nigerian family that celebrates their 18th wedding anniversary in 2018.

We have shared with you some interesting facts from the biography of Yinka Ayefele. This talented Nigerian gospel singer is now a businessman. He has over 200 awards for his musical talent and millions of fans who truly love his songs.

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