23 kinds of fruits and their names everyone should taste

23 kinds of fruits and their names everyone should taste

What kinds of fruits can you meet in Africa and in the world in general? What is so special with each of them? We have gathered the list of the most interesting types of fruits you would like to read about!

kinds of fruits

List of fruits and their brief characteristics


Bananas, known to almost every inhabitant of the planet, fall on the shelves of our stores mostly from Southeast Asia and from the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Banana is a herbaceous plant of the banana family, with a false stem and large oblong leaves arranged in a spiral. The plant is often called the palm tree. Among other examples of fruits, it is one of the most popular.

Adam's apple

A round orange fruit that resembles an orange is called Adam's apple or maclura. It represents a multitude of dry fruits, united by the axis of the inflorescence and having one seed inside, emits a cucumber flavor and is poisonous.

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Once upon a time, this berry grew only in China. Now, many varieties of evergreen trees and shrubs of the ebony family, the fruits of which are persimmon, settled on different continents of the Earth, giving preference to countries with a warm climatic.


Peach tree is a relative of almond, belongs to the family of pink. Its homeland is presumably North China. The first European country where the peach tree was planted was Italy. Now the peach is grown in America and in the warm regions of temperate latitudes of Eurasia.


Granadilla fruit

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Granadilla's exotic fruit is the fruit of the passionflower tree creeper belonging to the passionflower family. This plant prefers to be located in sunny areas and is characterized by rapid growth. The large flowers of passiflora are so beautiful that many gardeners grow it exclusively for ornamental purposes.


The orange tree is a representative of the citrus genus of the ruta family. It came to Europe from China, but its real homeland is Southeast Asia. Nowadays, orange trees grow and bear fruit even on the shores of the Mediterranean and in Central America.

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It is believed that Asia is the birthplace of figs, because the first plant of this species was ficus, growing in the mountainous region of ancient Caria (province of Asia Minor). Nowadays, the Fig Tree is grown as a fruit plant in the following regions: in the Caucasus, Crimea, Central Asia, Abkhazia, Georgia, Armenia and others.


The fruit of the bread of the desert, better known to us by the name of a date, is from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Being a delicacy in European countries, in its homeland for many hundreds of years it was one of the main sources of food, which explains its “bread” name.


Guanabana is the most valuable tropical tree from the Annon family. The plant has other names: Annona prickly, smetannoe apple, sausep. The habitat of this fruit tree is the Bermuda and Bahamas. Soursop can also be found in the following countries: Peru, Argentina and others.

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Tropical America gave the world such a wonderful fruit like pineapple. This herb belongs to the bromeliad family. Pineapple comosus is the most famous fruit crop, which is cultivated on all known tropical plantations.


kiwano fruit

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Kiwano’s homeland is the tropics of the African continent. Today, it is successfully cultivated in Israel, America, New Zealand and other countries with a similar climate. Kiwano plant is a grassy vine of the pumpkin family, a “relative” of cucumber and melon. Hence its other names: horned melon, African cucumber.


This fruit from the Malay peninsula belongs to the family of rutae. Lime is an egg-shaped fruit, quite small in size - up to 6 cm in diameter.


Papaya, or in other words, the Melon Tree is a palm-shaped plant that belongs to the Caric family. The tree grows in tropical countries: Central America, North America, South Africa, Southeast Asia.

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Mangosteen is an evergreen tree which fruits bear the same name. Its homeland is Asia, besides, it grows in Africa and America. Tropical fruit is called Mangosteen, Garcinia and Mangkut in a different way.


Kiwis are fruits of tree lianas from the genus Actinidia. China is considered the birthplace of this fruit, with the result that kiwi has the name ‘Chinese gooseberry’.

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Such an exotic fruit, like mango, grows in the northern latitudes. Its homeland is Southeast Asia, and more specifically, India. Mango trees make up 70% of all plantations of this country. The fruit became famous 2500 years ago, it was used not only by aristocrats, but also by simple poor people. Mango species are numerous.


lychee fruit

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Lychee is a tree which fruits are exotic, also called lychees. The tree grows in hot tropical conditions in such parts of the world as Africa, America and Asia. This fruit has other names: foxes and limes. By these words, it can be judged that the lychees are from China.

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In cooking, it is used more often for seasoning, sometimes as a dessert. Durian is useful, because of its organic sulfur in the composition - an exceptional case, vitamins of all groups, antioxidants, iron, calcium. All parts of the plant are used in the treatment, from the roots to the crown.


A symbol of prosperity among the inhabitants of China is the citrus fruit pomelo. Otherwise, it is called pompelius or sheddok. Homeland of the evergreen tree pomelo is the southeast Asia. The fruits are round, occasionally pear-shaped, reach a diameter of up to 30 cm.


Tropical handsome rambutan is really very similar to unpeeled chestnut, only red. Malaysia is considered its birthplace, and it grows in hot exotic countries: Indonesia, Bali, Thailand, and can be found on the continents of Africa, Australia and South America.


Sweet pitahaya is also called dragon fruit. This name was received due to the deciduous growth of the fruit, which resembles dragon scales. Like a real dragon fruit, pitahaya blooms at night with beautiful, white and very fragrant buds.

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Quite often we hear about the existence of a fruit, which is called the ‘oil of the forest’. This is an avocado, which is also called ‘alligator pear’. In many reference books it is located under the name of ‘Perseus American’. An adult avocado tree reaches about 18 m.


A prominent representative of the family of the nightshade is the fruit of a perennial plant - the fruit is a tomato, its cultivated vegetable species is called a tomato too. Translated from Italian, where the name of the fruit came from, the berry was called the golden apple. The true name of the tomato appeared in the ancient times of the Aztecs.

These are all kinds of fruits every Nigerian should try at least once. The classification of fruits is rather big topic, so if you are interested in it, follow our articles!

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