How many types of mangoes are there?

How many types of mangoes are there?

In this article, you will learn the different types of mangoes. Mango is a terrific fruit with a surprisingly rich taste. Everyone has at least once tried mango.

types of mangoes

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There are: Pink-orange; Pink-green; Green small; Dark-green; Classic yellow; Huge; Green classic; Classical green-yellow; Green-yellow; elongated.

General description of mango

The mango tree has been known for over 4,000 years. In the Vedic Indian texts it appeared as ‘a fruit of the gods’.

Depending on the variety and size, mango's weight ranges from 200 grams to 1 kilogram. The fruit skin can be painted with a wide range of colors: from green to dark red.

Names of types of mangoes

A myriad of species of this tree are known all over the world. Discover the most famous mango species.


Pink-orange: the fruits of this variety have a narrow elongated shape. They are characterized by thin skin of tender orange color with a slight pink tint. The taste of this fruit cannot be called sugary, rather moderately sweet, unlike other varieties of similar color. The pink-orange mango has a rather dense flesh, which is not typical for most mango tree varieties. Their weight rarely exceeds 250 grams.


green mangoes
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Pink-green: this variety is very rare, but it is considered one of the best. Many pass by its fruits because of the predominantly green color of the skin, mistaking the fruit as unripe. However, this is not so, inside it has a rich orange color, surprisingly juicy and sweet flesh. The form of this Pimsean should be round, chubby. The usual weight is 350-450 grams.

Green and small

Green small mango - the smallest of the known varieties of mango. It has soft bright (sometimes with a shade of yellowness) skin. In the home of this type, in Thailand, fruits are sold at a much lower price than larger ones.

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However, bigger does not always mean better, or rather tastier. The fruits of this unjustly underrated variety are much tastier and sweeter than larger brethren. Their weight does not exceed 200 grams.

Dark green

Dark green mango: the riper it is, the darker the rind is and the more intense taste it has. The flesh is surprisingly soft, saturated with an orange color. You need to be as gentle as possible with the fruits of this type, they easily crinkle and get ‘bruises’, and such fruits can also ferment. Their size varies from 200 to 500 grams.

Classical yellow

yellow mango
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The Thai name is Nam-Doc-Mai. It is the most famous mango type. It is considered to be ’noble’. The fruits of this variety have an elongated shape; there are both small and very large. The weight of one fruit can reach up to 500 grams. Very ripe Nam-Doc-Mai has sweet, sugar taste. And if you choose a slightly unripe fruit, then enjoy an easy, pleasant sourness.

The fruit ripening period is June-July, but the Nam-Doc-Mai trees often bloom and bear fruit not in time, thereby transferring the ripening period for a couple of months forward or back. It grows in a cool climate too.

Huge mango

Yes, this sort does exist! According to taste, the fruits of a huge mango are similar to pink-orange, only with a slightly less pronounced sweetness. And the flesh is softer and tenderer. As it is not difficult to guess by the name, the size of the fruit is large. The weight of one fruit can reach up to 800 grams.

Green and classic

This variety is very similar to the classic yellow mango. It has very similar shape and taste. And also this type has very good taste in the unripe condition.

Classical green-yellow

It has also incredibly tasty and almost no fibrous flesh. It is a fairly fast growing variety. A tree has a beautiful and slender form.

Green-yellow elongated mango

yellow green mango
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Green-yellow elongated mango is very similar to pink-orange mangoes in a shape and size. However, the taste is very different. The flesh is rather fibrous and gives off sourness.

How many types of mangoes are there in Nigeria?

There are 8 varieties you may try in our country. They are:

  1. Cotonou Mango (Green, with a little red blush)
  2. German Mango or Opioro (Green)
  3. Benue Mango (Green, with a little yellow or red with yellow, depending on size)
  4. Ogbomosho/ Enugu (Eastern)/ Calabar/ Abuja/ Yellow Mango (Bright yellow skin with orange and red blush)
  5. Sheri Mango (Green)
  6. Julie Mango (Green)
  7. Peter Mangoes (Green)
  8. Kerosene Mango (Peach)

So, there are countless kinds of mango trees in the world. In fact, there are mango varieties in almost every tropical country. It is impossible to say unequivocally what taste is better or tastier. Once you try the mango, you are forever a fan of it!

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