Who invented Facebook?

Who invented Facebook?

The person who invented Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. Based on the software "Facemash" he created a communication masterpiece in the form of a social network"Facebook", which expanded the communication of Harvard students through the local network.

Who invented facebook?


Who invented Facebook and what year?

On February 4, 2004, Harvard University sophomore Mark Zuckerberg launched the site thefacebook.com from his laptop while sitting in the hostel, which in a matter of hours scored several hundred users. The site was intended exclusively for those who studied at that time in Harvard.

Users could register, create their own pages, put the information about themselves, and then share the comments about university news, music, movies, sports. It is unlikely that then someone could have guessed that Zuckerberg had made a genuine revolution. He offered people a way of communication, which has become an integral part of the life of a third of the world's population.

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Who is the founder of Facebook?

Soon the creator of "Facebook" Mark Zuckerberg realized that for the development of the project you need a lot of investment. Therefore, taking an example from Bill Gates, he left Harvard, and all the money put aside by his parents for study ($ 85,000) was invested in 'his child'. In the summer of 2004, the programmer moved to Palo Alto. He registered his project as a legal entity, becoming CEO of Facebook.

Later, Mark Zuckerberg managed to attract wealthy investors to the project, which helped him to develop the social network to a global level. Among the investors are, Sean Parker, co-founder of the payment system "PayPal" Peter Teal, who invested half a million dollars, and the creator of the first business social network "Linkedin" Reed Hoffman.

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In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg bought a Facebook.com domain for $ 200,000. Then the social network had more than 5 million users. Facebook users grew every day, which allowed "Facebook" to remain the seventh most popular American site.

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Who invented the Facebook app?

Mark Zuckerberg's golden hour came in 2007, when Microsoft estimated the project at $ 15 billion, acquiring a 1.6% stake in the company for $ 240 million. In 2008, the programmer opened the company's international headquarters in Dublin, and in 2009 publicly announced first profit. Since that moment, the Facebook social network has opened platform codes for everyone who wants to create new applications for the project, so that about 140 new applications are downloaded to the site every day.



Interesting facts from the history of Facebook social network

  • In order to give the name to his project, Mark Zuckerberg did not break his head for a long time. In the school where he studied, each senior student had issued a directory with photographs, addresses and phone numbers of other students. The full title of this book sounded like this - "The Photo Address Book" ("Address Book with Photos").
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But the guys called it "The Facebook". Mark removed the article "the" from the site name only in 2005 after buying the domain name facebook.com for 200 thousand dollars. The main color of the site was and remains blue.

He does not distinguish between red and green colors and so blue work very well. Mark is not only the creator of Facebook but also his first user. He is registered in the social network under the fourth number. The first three users are test users.

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From the social network for students, the Zuckerberg project became public on September 26, 2006. Since then, anyone over 13 years old who has his email address and Internet access can become a facebook network user.

  • From the very beginning, Facebook's work was fraught with scandals and proceedings. The administration of Harvard University did not approve the proposal Zuckerberg to create an internal network for students in this prestigious institution, citing the protection of confidential data.
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Mark did not back down and, being an experienced hacker, cracked the defense of the university computer system, eventually gaining access to photographs and personal data of students. For this, he was almost expelled from Harvard. On February 10, 2004, three undergraduates - Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra - accused Zuckerberg of being deceived.

Students claimed that Mark promised to help them create a social network HarvardConnection.com, and he, using their designs and ideas, worked on creating a "competing software product." The case came to court, but Zuckerberg managed to settle this issue.

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  • Mark Zuckerberg is married to his longtime friend Priscilla Chan. They got married on May 19, 2012. Friends were invited allegedly to a party on the occasion of Priscilla's receiving a doctorate in medicine. Some were confident that Mark decided to celebrate the successful initial public offering of Facebook shares on the stock exchange. But it turned out that the guests were at their wedding!
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Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg current life

In 2015, "Facebook" became the second most visited site in the world, and Mark Zuckerberg - the youngest billionaire in the world. The programmer won the title of the most influential person on the planet and a super successful businessman under 40 years old.

The popular men's magazine GQ called Zuckerberg 'the most tastelessly dressed inhabitant of Silicon Valley'. Mark drives a Volkswagen Golf GT.

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