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Latest turban styles in Nigeria

Latest turban styles in Nigeria

Once the famous American fashion designer Marc Jacobs said: "Turbans create an atmosphere of relaxation and make a good mood of you". But in reality, this is the tip of the iceberg: in fact, a turban is also very practical. It allows you not to worry about your hairstyle, making your evening dress marvelous. An exquisite oriental style is a godsend for every woman, who considers themselves fashionable. Keep reading our post to find out about the latest turban styles in Nigeria: from the beaded turban, velvet turban to hijab turban, Ankara turban, turban hat and turban with stones.

Latest turban styles in Nigeria

Most popular turban styles in Nigeria

What is a turban? The turban is a narrow and long cut of fabric that turns around the head more than once. Let's look at a few options of female turban that can help you to look refined and unique!

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Beaded turban

Beaded turban will perfectly fit any evening dress, making your outfit more refined and incredibly magical. They are different by shape and color but will never be old-fashioned. It is a real sign of perfect taste!

beaded turban

Velvet turban

A heavy soft velvet turban is synonymous with luxury and bliss. Nigerian women choose this kind of turbans because this noble kind of fabric made of a good silk, cotton, synthetic yarns, and in any case look expensive.

velvet turban

Ankara turban

Nigerian women just adore everything colorful! So ankara turban is a great accessory for their sweet casual style. A bright turban does not only protect from ultraviolet but also makes an image more refined and fresh. It is created for those ladies, who are not afraid of experiments and want to make their style more extravagant.

ankara turban

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Turban with stones

Nigerian fashion women do not deny themselves even in such a choice of turbans, because they can be combined with almost all outfits — with a business suit, and jeans, and dresses.

turban with stones

Hijab turban

The hijab turban is not an exception. It'll help you look simple and functional. It is a real godsend for Muslim ladies who follow the latest fashion trends. Besides, sturdy fabrics and a sense of personal style are the defining elements of a successful wardrobe when it comes to dressing stylishly but modestly.

Hijab turban

Turban hat

The turban hat differs from the others by an unusual oriental flavor, it gives the appearance of a certain playfulness and zest. Light and soft it looks great in everyday outlook. Turban hats with bright colors suite to sundresses and light dresses. However, some Nigerian ladies and girls manage to combine them with a casual style.

Turban hat

Turban scarf

A fashionable turban scarf creates an incredibly attractive and feminine image. The scarf is one of the most functional elements of the wardrobe, which can be tied to the head in several variations. Depending on the time of the year, you can use a fashionable scarf, stole, volume knitted scarf.

turban scarf

Turban headband

A variety of patterns allows you to combine this item with a wardrobe of any style.

turban headband

Turban gele

Today’s turban styles trends are fashionable and beautiful pieces in various designs, sizes, shapes and colours which often make them the best choices for Nigerian women. Turban gele comes in entirely different materials and, as you have already guessed from the name of this style, is created from multipleats as a gele.

Turban gele

Now turban is considered one of the most stylish elements of women's wardrobe, as it acts as the main accent of their outfit. With it, every Nigerian woman or girl is able to create a trendy and harmonious everyday look and a refined image for events, without losing their femininity and individuality. So, don't be afraid to experiment with your outfit!

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