How to check NYSC call up letter

How to check NYSC call up letter

After completing your online registration for mobilization into the National Youth Service Corps, the next thing is to wait for your call-up letter. For those who are ready to serve and have completed their NYSC online registration, here is a detailed guide on how to check NYSC call up letter without any difficulties.

How to check NYSC call up letter

Prospective National Youth Service Corp members can now access their NYSC call up letter online and also print it online. They don’t have to travel to the institution they have graduated from to pick it up. You can easily now easily access the NYSC portal for call up letter and print it from there.

However, please note that if you had decided not pay when you were doing your online registration, you would have to travel to your school to pick up your call up letter.

NYSC portal

Follow the steps listed below to check your National Youth Service Corps call up letter:

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  • To check your call-up letter, you first need to log in to NYSC portal at
  • Click on “Login Here” to log in with the email you used during your online registration and your password.
  • Click on “Resume”.
  • On your dashboard, click on “Print Call Up Letter” to view your call up letter and see where you have been posted.

If you want to print your call-up letter, save it on your system as a PDF file and send it to a flash to take it to the location from where you will print it. And if your system is connected to a printer, you can send it to the printer and print it directly. Remember also to print your NYSC Green Card.

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Important Information for those who have received their call-up letters

Corp members are advised to read carefully and follow the instructions on their call-up letters. They are also positively advised not to travel at night to the state they are have been posted to. If you have received your NYSC call-up letter, we wish you a safe journey to your orientation camp.

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