Best football draw prediction sites

Best football draw prediction sites

For all those who like betting on draws, we have selected some of the best football draw prediction sites that can help you score a big win on your next bet. Check out these websites and find some useful tips for betting.

Best football draw prediction sites

Top 5 football prediction sites for predicting draws

Ok, so we have chosen five websites, and each of them could be the best prediction site, depending on how you use it. Therefore, before we get to that, we want to make a little disclaimer. We are not endorsing any of these websites. We merely want to offer you some good options so that you can find your own best football prediction site yourself. So read about the websites, visit them, try them out and make your own decision.

Now that that is out there, here are some great websites that can help you predict draws. Sites are listed in no particular order. Just click on the name and get to the website.

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The first website we want to talk about is a Nigeria-based site called SafeDraws. It offers predictions for all kinds of different markets, including draw predictions. In addition to that, there is also analysis for more than 40 leagues worldwide, so that you can use it to place your bet fully educated.

You can get access to free tips, and there are also four price plans for this website, ranging from ₦4,000 to ₦5,000 per month. In case you have any questions, you can contact the website through one of many channels, including e-mail, Livechat and WhatsApp. They offer 24/7 customer support.



Next, we have ProTipster. The company is based in Malta, and it is an interesting one. This is a platform where users themselves post their predictions, and the website’s algorithm calculates the tip score based on the probability of it coming true.

It is free to register on this website, and you can have access to free tips with lower scores or get a premium subscription to see ProTips with higher ratings. You can also gain money by posting tips, but that is a whole different story.

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betting expert

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BettingExpert is basically a social network for betters and tipsters. It is a place where tipsters from all over the world come together and share their tips with others. You can also find educational content on this website that can help you develop your own strategies.

You can use the service for free or even earn money by providing winning tips. The more wins your tips score, the bigger reward and rating you are going to have. So if you are looking for winning tips, look out for people with higher rating.



If you do not trust other people with their predictions, why not try using artificial intelligence? Gymex offers an AI football predictor that is actually able to predict draws and against the odds. The website claims to be providing consistent long-term winning, with the rate of 70% correct predictions.

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Now, as far as we can tell, you can gain access to these predictions only via paid membership, ranging from $6.95 for 7 days to $95.95 for 12 months, so if you do not feel confident about this type of prediction site, it might not be for you. Nevertheless, you can still check it out and look at how it works.



The last website we want to mention is WinDrawWin. It offers free football predictions and tips, as well as results, statistics and trends. In addition to that, you can also find places where to watch football matches online. There are over 120 worldwide football leagues to choose from, and WinDrawWin offers its visitors up to 20,000 predictions every season.

To top this all off, the website also shares the best deals from bookmakers in your country. It only features trusted bookmakers and not every single one available in your region. If that is something that interests you, check WinDrawWin out.

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These are some of the best draw prediction sites we could find. Once again, take the information in this post as a suggestion and not a call to action. If you have problems with betting, do not hesitate to seek help. If you do not, then enjoy your tips and good luck!

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