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Nigerian musician Adeniji Jemiriye blasts Falz for his new video

Nigerian musician Adeniji Jemiriye blasts Falz for his new video

- Former Nigerian Idol contestant Adeniji Jemiriye has faulted Falz's This is Nigeria music video.

- She said the song labels Nigerians as criminals and that doesn't speak well of the country

- Adeniji further opined that Falz song is a weapon of mass destruction

Adeniji Jemiriye isn't happy with the way Falz portrayed Nigerians in his trending music video This Is Nigeria.

According to the former Nigerian Idol contestant and US based singer, the video is a slap on the country as his music tends to dishonor the efforts of hardworking Nigerian youths.

She believes that the continue chanting of “THIS IS NIGERIA, EVERYBODY IS A CRIMINAL” is an insult on the nation.

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Nigerian performer Adeniji Jemiriye lambaste Falz This Is Nigeria music video

Former Nigerian Idol contestant Adeniji Jerimiye Source: Ademiji Jemiriye/Facebook

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Below is how Jemiriye shared her thoughts on her Facebook page.

“This Is Nigeria, Everybody Is Not a Criminal

This is certainly not the truth that Nigerian youths want to hear now, but the trending song “This Is Nigeria”, by Nigerian rapper, FalzThaBahdGuy, which is a cover of the song “This Is America” by US rapper, Childish Gambino, is a colossal disservice to the millions of innocent Nigerians home and abroad working hard everyday and making this country proud.

Interestingly Falz has always attacked “Yahooboys” for bringing Nigeria’s name to disrepute, but what is the difference between “Yahoo boys” and Falz who just released a song chanting “Every Nigerian Is A Criminal” which is now being reposted on different social media by popular celebrities with millions of followers including American music mogul, Diddy who has more than 10million active followers on instagram?

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Is this song not a weapon of mass destruction to our collective image laundry efforts on this country? As at the time of writing this, “This Is Nigeria…Everybody Is A Criminal” has been viewed by over a million people globally on Falz’s YouTube page alone just 5 days after its release; not to talk of the different instagram pages and YouTube pages it has been shared on. Granted, Nigeria, just like every other countries in the world has a prevalence of crimes of all manners, and we all know that the international media has not even helped the Nigerian and African situation, with their focus on the negative aspects, but doing such a song is a massive dent on the already tainted image of this country. had earlier reported that a Muslim woman named Lawal Simbiat had slammed Falz for using hijab wearing ladies in his new video, she said he degraded the hijab.

She wrote in a now deleted tweet; “I really am disappointed. Why of all things to use, he decided to degrade the hijab. It shows his level of social etiquette. No matter the message passed across, he has trampled on our dignity and pride… He went overboard thus time around.”

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