Pastor Chris Oyakhilome brings LoveWorld USA to Verizon!

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome brings LoveWorld USA to Verizon!

Enjoy LoveWorld USA! The Christian television channel created by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn has now been moved to Verizon as of March 1, 2018. Praised for its famous content, this channel features sermons, various religious shows, kids programs and more.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome brings LoveWorld USA to Verizon!

Even with the move, LoveWorld USA will still air and even add more programs to its line up! You can even live stream! Tune in today to see enriching programming that will inspire and speak to you!

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Benny Hinn and the rest of the team behind LoveWorld USA are excited about the move and ever more committed to delivering the high quality Christian content dedicated viewers have come to expect. Many who watch are people who want a great way to spend their leisure time.

LoveWorld USA stands out for its many children’s programming, which are created to introduce youth to the wonders of God in fun and exciting ways. The main goal of the Christian television channel is to bring the church and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome into the home so that the viewers will receive many important and inspiring religious teachings. Watch to day to be touched by the sermons!

For those who do not have access to Cable TV, there are numerous ways to watch and stay engaged with this enlightening programming. You can watch LoveWorld USA from the official website: and or you can engage with the programming by using the KingsChat application. This application is a social media platform that connects Christians on Believers LoveWorld (BLW) news, events and even more!

About Christ Embassy:

A worldwide network of churches with a diverse and vast congregation, including all walks of life, compose Christ Embassy. Striving to achieve its goal, the vision of Christ Embassy is to bring the Divine Presence to every nation and every person in the world. Driven and passionate about this message, the founder of the embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and other members of the embassy strive to deliver their passionate goal of bringing people together, under the common knowledge of the Divine character made possible in Jesus Christ.



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