4 types of traditional dance in Hausa land

4 types of traditional dance in Hausa land

Despite the fact that some people are usually shy when it comes to dancing, they cannot rule it out of their lives, as they at one point in their lives move their body to the rhythm of a song they find interesting and danceable. Some who are great dancers usually get excited the moment they hear the sound of music.

Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. Dancing is an expression that shows fun or enjoyment and it is done only if something good happens to somebody or during events.

All societies have their peculiar dances which they pass from one generation to the other. There is no doubt that Hausa people have different types of traditional dances they do when the needs arises just as they are known for their ancient history, as well as in the cultural and social values.

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Legit.ng has brought you four of the traditional dances in Hausa land:

1. Koroso Dance

This dance has an ancient history because it is one of the most famous of all ages in Hausa man's life. The dance has a feature where many people wear the same outfit and sculptures and they move their bodies at the same time.

There is no specific time when it is started but it is done during events to entertain the guest. Both men and women participate in this dance.

2. Bankaura Dance

Just as its name, this type of dance doesn’t have a specific feature, even though the dancers wear the same outfit while doing it.

It is also done during events and wedding ceremony most especially how the dancers wear funny outfits. Men are the main characters in this type of dance.

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3. Rawar 'yan matan amarya (Bride maid dance)

Just as the name implies, bride's maids are the participants in this type of dance during wedding events.

The bride's maids form a straight line with new clothes on and also put the bride in the middle while they go round.

4. Sangaya Dance

This is a recent dance, and it all started from a Hausa movie. Both men and women take part in this type of dance.

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