Airtel BlackBerry subscription plans and codes

Airtel BlackBerry subscription plans and codes

All we remember the great Airtel BlackBerry subscription plans we had before. They offered incredible savings and nice opportunities to all Nigerians. Last year there was a long list of Airtel subscription plans and codes you could use on a BlackBerry device and easily subscribe or migrate to the plan you liked the most. Has this changed in 2018? Let us see what Airtel subscription codes you can use in 2018.

Airtel blackberry subscription plans and codes

The special Airtel BlackBerry plans seem to be in the past now. The official Airtel Nigeria site used to offer both BIS (plans for BlackBerry users) and SmartSPEEDOO plans for Internet users, and now you can only find the second option on the website. The big variety of voice, text and internet plans are still available for all Nigerians.

Airtel SmartSPEEDO Internet Plans

The official Airtel site currently offers only a variety of SmartSPEEDOO data plans and special YouTube pack for its Nigerian subscribers who need to surf the Internet on BlackBerry or other devices.

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Here are short descriptions of each data plan:

  1. Free Surf – you can get up to 160MB at no cost if you are using no more than 160MB. You’ll have to pay from 2 to 10 Naira per MB.
  2. Weekly and daily plans – they cost from 50 to 500 Naira per 1-14 days and offer particular data allowance you can use (from 20MB per day to 750MB per two weeks). The list of plans includes Entry, Daily, 3-Day, Weekly and Easy Airtel BlackBerry plans.
  3. 2G plans – you’ll have to pay 200 Naira per 10 days or 500 Naira per 25 days and enjoy 1GB or 3GB of data allowance.
  4. Social plans – good for users who prefer using the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) and are willing to pay from 25 Naira per day to 300 Naira per 25 days.
  5. Mega 5 – this is a great plan for users who need much data each month. It costs 5000 Naira per 30 days. You will get the total of 12GB of data to enjoy on your BlackBerry or other device subscribed to Airtel network.
  6. YouTube packs – anyone who likes to watch videos on this platform should subscribe to one of these packs designed specifically for YouTube site. You can get weekly, monthly, night packs and save your money. The best prices are offered on the non-stop packages from 1 am till 5 am.

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Airtel blackberry subscription plan codes

Airtel BlackBerry Bundles for Voice & Text & Data

The mobile network offers many plans for its users (smartPREMIER, smartROAM, smartTALK etc.). You can choose from several voice & text plans or select bundles to get mobile data as bonus. It is surely better to choose one of the bundles as it offers more and allows saving some money.

Here are the most popular bundles offered by the mobile network today.


Ordering this bundle can be a win-win for any Airtel BlackBerry user. It brings you bonuses for calls and data usage when you recharge 100, 200, 500 or 1000 Naira. You can get 10x value if you add 5000 or 17,500 Naira. The more you pay, the longer your package is available and the more calls you can place (data use).

2. Premier Connect

This is another monthly bundle that offers more data, text messages and calls for all BlackBerry and other phone. If you buy the 1GB bundle you will double your data. The more you buy, the more bonuses you will get. For example, you can receive a bonus of 6GB data if you choose Premier Connect package for 55,000 Naira.

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3. 6x Bundle

This is a nice option to get 6 times the value of what you pay per month. For example, if you recharge 100 Naira you will get the value of 600 Naira etc. The cost of a local call is 40kobo per minute, the cost of data is 1-3kobo per KB.

4. TalkMore Bundle

This is an option to receive 3-5 times more than you pay. You can use the extra money for data, calls and text messages. You can enjoy this plan for 30 days once you recharge at least 60 Naira or as much as 3000 Naira.

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Airtel blackberry subscription plan with codes

Airtel subscription codes

If you don’t want to spend all the airtime credit on your device to surf the Internet from your BlackBerry cell phone or another device, you can use the quick Airtel codes and activate the particular data bundle that suits you the best.

Internet data activation codes:

  • *400# - Free Surf internet plan for 30 days
  • *141*11*9# - 20MB per day for 50 Naira (Entry plan)
  • *410# - 75MB per day for 100 Naira (Daily plan)
  • *412# - 200MB per 3 days for 200 Naira (3-Day plan)
  • *417# - 350MB per 7 days for 300 Naira (Weekly plan)
  • *418# - 750MB per 14 days for 500 Naira (Easy plan)
  • *482*1# - 1GB per 10 days for 200 Naira (2G Pack Weekly)
  • *482*2# - 3GB per 25 days for 500 Naira (2G Pack Monthly)
  • *948*4# - 10MB per day for WhatsApp usage for 25 Naira (WhatsApp Daily)
  • *991*4# - 20MB per day for 50 Naira (All Social Daily)
  • *688*3# - 50MB per 5 days for 100 Naira (All Social Weekly)
  • *688*1# - 600MB per 25 days for 300 Naira (All Social Monthly)
  • *452# - 12GB per 30 days for 5000 Naira (Mega Packs 5)

If you are a great fan of videos from YouTube you can consider the following mobile data plans:

  • *323*31# - 4.5GB of data per 30 days for 1000 Naira (YouTube Plus 1.0)
  • *323*32# - 9.5GB of data per 30 days for 2000 Naira (YouTube Plus 2.0)
  • *323*33# - 15GB of data per 30 days for 2500 Naira (YouTube Plus 3.0)
  • *323*34# - 17GB of data per 30 days for 3500 Naira (YouTube Plus 4.0)
  • *323*35# - 19GB of data per 30 days for 4000 Naira (YouTube Plus 5.0)
  • *323*12# - 300MG per 7 days for 300 Naira (YouTube Weekly)
  • *323*11# - 600MB per 3 days for 400 Naira (YouTube Monthly)
  • *323*22# - 300MB per 7 days for 150 Naira (Night package from 1 am till 5 am)
  • *323*21# - 600MB per 30 days for 200 Naira (Night package from 1 am till 5 am)
Airtel blackberry plans and codes

Voice & Text plans (with mobile data)

  • *318# - migration to smartPREMIER package (local calls are offered at 11kobo per second and most international calls cost 40k per sec)
  • *315# - migration to smartTALK 2.0 offer (local Nigerian calls would cost 11kobo per second plus 5 Naira daily fee and 20kobo/second to some foreign countries)
  • *312# - migration to smartTRYBE plan (local calls cost 11kobo/second, you get 1GB of data per 7 days for 500 Naira and can order night surfing from 12 am till 5 am for 25 Naira per 500MB)
  • *314# - migration to smartVALUE option (phone calls to all Nigerian networks cost 15kobo per second, most international calls cost 20kobo/second)
  • *241# - Win-Back promotional offer to users who weren’t active in the last month (you can get nice bonuses for 30 days when you recharge 100-1000 Naira – just add the sum of recharge to your code to look like this *241*100# - *241*200# etc.)
  • *220*PIN# - smart RECHARGE (10x value plus additional data on major recharges)
  • *254# - subscription to Premier Connect packages
  • *555*PIN# - Airtel subscription code to 6x Bundle
  • *234*xx# - recharging code for TalkMore bundle where xx is the amount you pay

Remember that you can combine a YouTube data plan with another Airtel BlackBerry subscription plan once you dial *141# and choose your preferred option. Enjoy using mobile internet, calling and text messaging your friends and family! If you wish to check Airtel balance just dial *123# and you’ll get this information.

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