How to make groundnut oil at home

How to make groundnut oil at home

As we all know, Nigeria is one of the world leaders in groundnut oil production. This product is extremely popular in the country and is basically a Nigerian staple. Obviously, you can make a lot of different delicious meals and seasonings with groundnut, and groundnut oil is one of them. Find out how to make groundnut oil when you are at home.

Groundnut oil

Groundnut oil: how to prepare it on your own?

Many people in Nigeria and in the whole world enjoy cooking delicious things on their own. In particular, Nigerians may be interested in making their own oil made out of groundnut, which is also known as peanut or arachis. In fact, it is much easier than everyone thinks – you do not even have to purchase a lot of ingredients. Besides, it will be much cheaper for you to make peanut oil at home on your own, because, usually, when you buy it at the supermarket the price can be doubled. This is why many people have decided that making it on their own would save them money and resources.

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Groundnut oil is extremely useful for a person’s health. The benefits are limitless: it reduces the likelihood of a person having serious diseases like cancer, boosts memory, strenghten the immune system, and lowers blood pressure. It can also be used for skin care purposes. Groundnut oil also improves the function of the heart and nervous system while also lowering cholesterol levels. For these reasons, we will offer you a simple way of making peanut oil at home quickly and without problems.

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Groundnuts and oil

How to make groundnut oil at home – full guide

This method is actually the easiest one, and it is more popular than other recipes. You will need to follow these steps:

1. Buy the groundnuts

Of course, you will need some groundnuts that you can simply buy from any local store or market. The quantity of groundnuts depends on how much oil you will want to prepare. For instance, three full cups of peanuts will make one cup of oil.

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2. Clean the groundnuts from their shell

This part usually takes the most time. However, there is always the option of buying groundnuts that have been shelled already. If your nuts have not been cleaned, you will need to break the shells on your own. Afterwards, you will need to remove the husk. To make the process easier, you should fry your groundnuts for around five minutes, or wash them in the cold water first, then warm water.

3. Soak your groundnuts

This step is important to soften the peanuts – it will be much easier for you to work with them once they’re soaked. The groundnuts have to be put in a clean bowl, then put in warm water and left for ten to fifteen minutes.

Spoon with groundnut oil

4. Blend the groundnuts

Your groundnuts have to be blended after the water has been drained. For that process, you will have to use a blender or take them to the mill. Obviously, the blending process is more convenient and quick. You will have to do that until the mix of groundnuts becomes smooth, like butter.

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Tip: if you want to make the process easier, you should add one or two tablespoons of water. The water has to be warm, and make sure yoy control the amount you are adding – otherwise, the groundnut mix will be too watery.

5. Put your mix into refrigerator

Once your peanut mix has become a paste, you have to put it into the container that is air-tight and cover it. Then, put the container in the refrigerator and keep it there for at least twenty-four hours. It is recommended that you not touch or open the container during this time – just leave it alone. Usually, after twenty-four hours. the oil rises to the top.

6. Separate the oil from the paste

You will have to separate your oil from the paste by straining the oil in the separate bowl. You can do that with a colander or sieve. You will need to keep straining the paste until it is completely dry.

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7. Store the oil in a reliable place

After your oil is extracted from the container, you will have to strain it until it becomes clean. Then pour it into another container, preferably a bottle or jar. Close it tightly and store.

Making of groundnut oil

Congratulations! You have learned how to make groundnut oil at home. The process is not so complicated. So we hope that soon you will make your own oil proudly and use it for cooking or other purposes.

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