How to join Barcelona football academy in Lagos?

How to join Barcelona football academy in Lagos?

Barcelona FC is one of the most, if not the most popular football club in the world. In Nigeria alone, the Catalan club has millions of fans. So naturally, when Barcelona opened their new youth school in Lagos, thousands of dreamers hoping to become the next Messi were born. Only now, this aspiration is more attainable than ever before. If you are one of the people that are wondering about how to join Barcelona football academy in Lagos, or maybe you have a child that has this dream, continue reading below!

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FCBESCOLA football academy in Lagos Nigeria

Last year’s news about the opening of Barcelona’s youth academy shook the world of Nigerian football. Everyone knows that the Catalans possess one of the best academies on a global level. A large number of players who won two Champion’s Leagues in the last seven years grew as professionals in La Masia. Thus, Lagos was granted a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring up a new generation of football players that will strengthen the Super Eagle team for years to come.

By the Barcelona management's own admission, the FCBESCOLA in Nigeria will use the same methods that are incorporated into their primary football school in Spain. They promise is to focus on youth development both in the ways of playing the game and teaching the students self-confidence. At FC Barcelona they understand that a football player needs to not only be strong on the field but has to cope with any psychological issues and challenges that they might face at a professional level.

Barcelona academy in Lagos presentation

Another advantage of joining the Barcelona academy is that they also provide a formal education for their students. Thus, they set themselves apart from establishments that focus only on the physical aspect of a child’s development. FCBESCOLA offers knowledge included both in traditional Nigerian schools and some parts of the British curriculum. As a result, the future academy graduates will be qualified to take exams such as WASC, NECO, IGSCE, TOEFL, and IB.

The academy’s temporary location is at the Teslim Balogun Stadium sports complex.

Barcelona youth academy

When creating their new football academy, FC Barcelona had the following goals in mind:

  • Teach and improve both basic and football-specific coordination skills;
  • Convey FCBarcelona’s vision of technical and tactical elements of the sport;
  • Provide the necessary formal education;
  • Develop sportsmanship;
  • Teach the fundamental values of the FC Barcelona’s philosophy.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the FCBESCOLA is, let’s talk about the admission process.

How to join Barcelona academy in Lagos

Registration for Barcelona football academy

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As is the case with most learning environments, the academy starts its school year in September, so all the necessary registration needs to be done beforehand.

First of all, let’s get the age restriction question out of the way. You can join Barcelona’s football academy if you’re within the 5-18 years of age range. There’s also an application fee involved. The sum is N13,500, which isn’t a lot if you consider the potential benefits that you can reap by playing at FCB’s school.

Below, you’ll find a step by step guide on how to join Barcelona’s academy:

  • Visit the Teslim Balogun stadium, where the registration process will take place;
  • Collect the forms necessary for registration;
  • Pay the application fee.

Tip: You can complete this step either through paying via POS, visiting a GTBank and using GT Collections.

Children at Barcelona football academy
  • Bring the evidence of payment back to the stadium and show it to the management staff.
  • Fill your registration form.
  • Present all the necessary documents.
  • Take your registration confirmation receipt.

Voila, you’re officially ready to join the academy!

As you can see, the registration process is short and straightforward. All you have to do is make sure that you’re not too late to the party. Below, you will find the academy's the contact details so that you can find out the answers to all the questions you might have left:

Phone number: +2349062259436 | +2349030000931

Email address:

FCB Barcelona academy programs

FC Barselona Lagos football academy program

Before you join the academy, you should also know that there are several programs you can choose from. First of all, there are two competitive programs, one aimed at children from 6 to 14, and the other one from 14 to 16 years old. The latter includes three training sessions per week plus a game on every weekend. This is the core course of the academy, and only the most talented players are accepted here. The younger variant of this program reduces the number of practices to two but it is still very demanding.

Training at Barcelona academy in Lagos

The other kind of program is the Technification course, which is suitable for all ages from 6 to 18. It serves as one more programme aimed to even further develop the individual skills of a football player. This training session is held only once per week, and even people that aren’t full-time academy students can participate. So if you’ve missed your chance to join Barcelona's academy this year, this program is a great opportunity to get your feet wet and familiarize yourself with the environment.

Based on all the information provided above, it’s easy to see that FCBESCOLA is shaping up to become the best center for young footballers not only in Nigeria but in the entire Africa. And now you have all the information for how to join FC Barcelona’s academy in Lagos. We wish you good luck in following your dream!

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