Evans the kidnapper house and cars

Evans the kidnapper house and cars

As the hype of the Kidnapper Evans’ arrest dies down, many are still curious about what he has spent his money on. After receiving millions of naira in ransoms, he had to have bought something big, right? And that is exactly what he did. Find out more about Evans house and cars in our article. Prepare to catch your jaw, as it might drop at the sight of his riches.

Evans the kidnapper house and cars

Who is Evans the Kidnapper?

Evans the kidnapper

Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, commonly known as Evans Kidnapper, is a notorious criminal who is known all across Nigeria for kidnapping important Nigerians and demanding ransom. He first became known to the common public when the police issued a warrant for his arrest back in 2013.

For almost four years, Evans kept the Nigerian elites trembling in fear for their safety. He and his gang terrorised the most influential people in Nigeria. However, in June 2017, he was finally caught and arrested.

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But here is the thing:

During these years, he managed to amass quite a fortune for himself, most of which he spent on luxurious houses, cars, phones and accessories. Continue reading to take a peek at his expensive mansions and premium-class cars.

Evans the Kidnapper house

Evans the kidnapper house

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On June 10, police managed to find Evans home and arrest him on the spot. In the course of the arrest, journalists were able to scout the house. Both the interior and exterior look very tasteful and high priced. We're not surprised that the estimated cost of this house is ₦130 million.


But wait, there is more:

While Evans was being cuffed, he admitted that this house was not the only one he owned. As a matter of fact, he confessed to owning at least three more mansions. One of them was located in the same area as the one he was detained at, which is called Magodo Estate, Lagos. That house is said to be worth ₦70 million.

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Evans the kidnapper other house

The other t houses he owns, are located in Accra, Ghana. Both are four-bedroom duplexes. Unfortunately, we could not find any pictures that are available to the public.

Evans the kidnapper mother's house

Later, the press found out that Evans’ mother also lives in a very impressive mansion that she definitely could not afford to buy on her own. It is located in Nnewi, Nnewi North LGA, Anambra State, the city where Evans grew up in.

A lot of people speculated that he must have other properties in other countries. Some say that he has real estate in South Africa and the United Kingdom, but there is no definite proof of that.

Evans the Kidnapper cars

Evans the kidnapper car

Apart from owning numerous properties in at least two countries, Evans also loves big expensive cars. During his arrest, the police and the press took notice of his shiny black Mercedes G-Wagon parked beside his mansion.

Lexus SUV

In addition to this vehicle, it was reported that his wife also has a very fabulous set of wheels of her own. Radio DJ Freeze who lives in the same neighbourhood said that he has seen her driving an impressive Lexus SUV. He also said that her children go to the same school as his, and that school is definitely not cheap.

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We do not know whether he has any more cars, but, taking into account how big the ransoms were, it would make sense if he had a few more stashed somewhere.

It is a great relief for many that Evans has finally been caught. We sincerely hope neither he, nor any of his gang members will ever be able to do anything like this again. Nevertheless, it is highly probable that when he gets out of prison, he will still have a significant portion of his wealth waiting for him. We will have to wait and see.

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