How to cut six pieces skirt: step by step

How to cut six pieces skirt: step by step

If you have always wondered how to create beautiful and unique attires all by yourself, then you're in the right place. How to cut six pieces skirt? It's quite a simple procedure. We’ll shed more light on it in this article.

How to cut six pieces skirt?

This simple information will be based on a straight skirt. Similarly, the pattern created will be for any skirt with pieces - from 8, 12 or more. The width of each will be determined according to hip lines. But, this width can be different for each piece - it depends on the style of the skirt. After we divide skirt into pieces, we can them figure out the style that we will make.

First, you have to prepare thoroughly for this work. For this, you need to have a few things available:

  • three-four yards of fabric;
  • roulette/measuring tape;
  • scissors;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • pencil.

That's all that a successful seamstress needs! In addition to theoretical knowledge, of course. So keep reading to know more.

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How to cut six pieces skirt: tools

How to cut and sew six pieces skirt?

Sewing is a creative process, but all experienced craftsmen who do it professionally know that it is impossible to cope without a proper pattern. So for the beginning, we will cut the fabric correctly into pieces which will then be sewn.

How to cut skirt?

First, you need to take measurements:

  • waist;
  • thighs;
  • the distance from waist to knee (half of the length);
  • and from waist to ankles (absolute length).

To know how to cut 6 pieces skirt, you should understand the rudiments of creating a circular lower zone, formed into magnificent folds. This gives the attire that lush and luxurious look. These folds are the reason you would need a lot of fabric.

how to cut six pieces skirt

To make this six pieces skirt tutorial more concrete we'll use the following measurements:

  • 37 inches on waist;
  • 44 inches on hips;
  • the distance between waist and knees is 18 inches;
  • and to ankle it's 43 inches;
  • counting total circumference we should multiply 4 yards and 36 to get 144 inches.

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Keep in mind that you will get 7 pieces because the central part at back side will be divided for adding a zip. So don't let this confuse you. If the zip is on the side, you will still have 6 parts.

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How to cut six pieces skirt: step by step

Calculate the division of elements

  1. The next step for how to cut six pieces skirt is dividing the fabric into pieces. Here, everything is quite simple. The biggest thing to keep your eye on is the measurements. We use only circular values. The length is not needed yet.
  2. Divide the large 144 circle by 6 and get 24.
  3. Do the same with waist 37/6 and get 6.1.
  4. And with hips 44/6 = 7.3.
  5. Now, remember what was said about the importance of the largest part. From large pieces, we need to create smaller elements. It's 24.
  6. Remember that the largest circle depends on how much fabric you plan to use. You may have more or less than 144 inches, but the measurements need to be done in the same order. Typically, the more material you have, the more luxurious the skirt is.

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How to cut six pieces skirt: patterns

Mark the pieces before cutting

  1. For the front, we need 3 pieces of 24 inches. For the back, everything is the same except that the middle piece will be divided to add a zip. First, cut out one panel. You will need 5 more of the same size. Take the full length 45 and width 24.
  2. Measure the distance between waist and hips, make a mark with your chalk.
  3. It is necessary to mark the hips and waist in the horizontal direction, taking into account the stock for the seam. You will need about 1.5 inches. The hips in our example is 7.3. It is more convenient to round this figure to 7.5. Now we add 7.5 and 1.5. In the end, for the thighs, you will need 9 inches.
  4. The waist will be 6.1 and the seam will be 7.5 inches.
  5. Also, note the distance from the waist to the knee. It is 18 inches. On this line, you need to find the middle. So you will get 9. Select this measurement in the center of the large segment of 24 inches. This should be done at the waist and knee. Then these points are to be connected.
  6. After that, you need to connect the knee to the base of circle. Measure 9 inches from the level of the knees in the direction to the base.
  7. As mentioned before, the sixth part is cut into two for the zip. So you need to add at least 1 inch on each side for the seam.
  8. That's all!

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six pieces skirt tutorial

How to sew a skirt?

Now, you have all the necessary pieces that you need to sew a skirt. You can be proud of yourself, as you've done a thorough job preparing for this pricess and very soon will admire your reflection in the mirror.

This sewing lesson is simple enough and, if desired, can be learned by any woman who wants to sew beautiful attire herself. To make it easier for you to understand all the details, watch the training video below.

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