Nigerian hairstyles for kids

Nigerian hairstyles for kids

Childhood should be celebrated. It is so short and fleeting that you will not even notice it until one day, your kids will be preparing to go to the university. So cherish every moment and, in the meantime, try out these children hairstyles. In this article, you can find different kinds of hairstyles for kids, including natural hairstyles and Nigerian braids hairstyles.

Nigerian hairstyles for kids

When parents think about Nigerian children hairstyles, they usually imagine girls with braids and buns. However, they often forget that boys can have fun African hairstyles as well! Which is why this article is divided into three segments: hairstyles for girls, hairstyles for boys and how to deal with children's hair. Grab your combs and elastics and let’s go!

Hairstyles for girls

hairstyles for girls

There are so many ways you can style your kid’s hair. Nigerian hairstyles are always so beautiful and creative that you would want to try every single one of them. But let’s start with the most simple one.

1. Natural hair

natural hair

In our opinion, you should not make your child do anything they do not want to do. And if they don’t want to sit there and endure the pain of combing, braiding or straightening their hair, let them run around and feel comfortable with their natural hair.

It can take the form of a puffy hair cloud, or you can cut it to medium length. Regardless, this hairstyle only requires a little combing every now and again, at it is one of the best hairstyles for kids. Your girl will have her time in the future, when she would be tired of constantly styling her hair, so let her relax while she is a child.

2. Braided hair


If your daughter’s natural hair gets too messy or knotted, you can always go with the braids. You are only limited by your imagination. You can stick to the simple cornrows, or you can think of something creative. For example, make different shapes out of braids, like hearts or stars. You can braid the hair only at the top and let the ends blow in the wind

3. Beaded hair


To add a little color to your Nigerian hairstyles for kids don’t be afraid to experiment with beads. Use different shades and shapes, try various combinations and placements. You can put the beads anywhere on the head you want.

4. Bantu knots

bantu knots

One of our personal favorites is Bantu knots. They just look so fun! In addition, while you are making them, you can ask your child about how their day was, or what they are up to, or who they like. It is very simple to make and looks great on every girl.

5. Other ways to deal with girls’ hair

hairstyles twists for kids

If both you and your child don’t feel like doing anything fancy, there are tried and true methods that require little effort. We are talking about buns, ponytails and pigtails. They are relatively easy and painless (both for you and you girl), so everyone will be happy with the result.

Oh, we almost forgot about the twists! They are also very easy to make and they add a little spice to your girl’s hair.

Hairstyles for boys

hairstyles for boys

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OK, to be fair, the same hairstyles that we described for girls can be easily applied to boys as well. They can rock the same braids, bead or natural hairstyles just like girls can. However, from personal experience, we know that boys usually prefer to wear their hair short. So don’t hesitate to just grab an electric razor and let them have as much hair (or the absence of hair) as they want.

There is also an option of dreadlocks. Boys love to emulate their favorite football stars, and many of them sport this cool look. Just be prepared that eventually they might get bored of it, and you will have to take your razor out again.

Recommendations for dealing with children’s hair

hair brushing

★ Use hair conditioners and shampoos that contain moisturizer, or add some natural oils like palm kernel oil.

★ Don’t forget to use a spray that prevents tangling before washing the hair and after. It will make it so much easier to deal with it, and your kid won’t have to suffer the pain of combing.

★ For combing, use combs with wideset teeth and comb from the ends all the way to the roots.

★ Try to avoid letting your child sleep with their natural hair. It is better to at least lightly braid it before bed.

There are so many different ways you can deal with your children’s hair. Try all of our options and decide which ones you like best. Or, even better, rotate the hairstyles every once in a while, so that your child does not get bored of wearing the same hair all the time. We wish for you less knots and more creative ideas! Have fun!

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