How to sew a trouser step by step?

How to sew a trouser step by step?

If you always wanted to learn how to sew trousers but never got around to actually do it, now is your chance! With our very simple tutorial, you will know how to cut and sew trousers even if you are just a novice at sewing. We will show you how to make a pattern for sewing, how to cut trousers, and give you the method of sewing trousers step by step. This tutorial will be useful if you are looking for a method of how to sew men’s trousers (as well as women’s), as these pants are unisex.

What you will need

sewing supplies

✄ A pair of your old trousers that are just the right size for you

✄ A large piece of paper (you can use a roll of wallpaper or buy special paper for sewing patterns in the store)

✄ A pencil

✄ Sharp scissors

✄ A piece of chalk or a thin soap

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✄ Pins

✄ Fabric of your choice (the size depends on the size of your trousers. It is better get more and then use it for something else) A 1 by 5 meters piece should be enough)

✄ A sewing machine

✄ An elastic string

Now to the actual making the trousers part. This tutorial is very fitting for people who are new to sewing and do not know how to cut a trouser or how to sew a trouser together.

Step 1


Fold your trousers in half along the crotch line so that the front parts are on the outside. Put them on your paper. Outline your pants and add about two centimeters around the created shape. Add another centimeter where your waist and feet will be. Refold your trousers so that now the back of the pants is on the outside and do the same thing as before.

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In the end, you should have two slightly different outlines of your pants on the paper. Cut them both out.

Step 2

front and back

Grab your fabric and cut it in two halves. Fold both halves in two and pin your patterns to the pieces of fabric. Carefully cut around your patterns. You should end up with two identical front parts and two identical back parts. Use chalk or soap to mark the places where seams should go (2 cm on the sides, 3 cm near waist and feet).

Step 3

two halves

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Take one front and one back part, place them inwards and align them together along the long side. Pin the long edge together and sew your trouser leg. Unfold your half-sewn creation, turn it right side up and run an additional seam on the outside. Fold it back, pin the inseam and sew it together. But do not sew the crotch seam together!

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You should end up with a tube of a sewn trouser leg. Do the same to the other trouser leg.

Step 4

two pant legs

Have one pant leg turned the right side out and the other the wrong side out. Put the one facing the right side inside of the other one and align the crotch. Pin them together and sew the rise. Unfold your half-finished trousers so that they are the wrong side out. Just to be sure, check the inseam.

Step 5


Now it is time to hem your pants. Fold the 3 cm you reserved for the waist and leg hems. If you feel like the pants are turning out to be too long or too short, adjust the amount of cm on the bottom accordingly. Sew around the hemstitches of the waist hem and leave 2-3 cm opening in the middle. You will put the elastic string in there later. Sew the leg hems.

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Step 6


Cut the right amount of elastic that would suit your waist but at the same time would hold your pants in place. Take a safety pin - pin it to the string. Put it inside the opening you have left before and carefully thread the string through your waist hem. It is best to push fabric over the elastic string and then to pull it all the way through in small sections.

When you are done with that, sew the two ends of the elastic string together and hide them in the opening. You can either sew it shut or leave it open so that you can adjust the string, if the trousers are too loose.

Step 7

finished pants

Turn the pants inside out and you are done! Go on, try them on.

And there you have it, the simple tutorial of how to cut and sew trousers is over, and if you did everything right, you should end up with a simple pair of cute pants.

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We hope you found this tutorial useful. Now that you have learned how to make trousers, you can move on to something more challenging. Your sewing skills will definitely improve from now on. Good luck!

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