7 ways Nigerians can promote our culture

7 ways Nigerians can promote our culture

There are many who are concerned that Nigerians are not doing enough to promote their culture, or Nigerianess as many would call it.

Someone put up the question on Quora, and many Nigerians weighed it with varying suggestions, from the very funny, to the quite brilliant.

Below are some ways as culled from the answers:

1. Nollywood

Nollywood is Nigeria's movie industry, named after Hollywood and one way to promote Nigeria is to write better scripts (stories) for Nollywood according to Uche Metuh, the aspiring CEO of Questioning Ideals at Onegeria.

Improving the quality of our movie productions and other aspects are important.

2. Tourism

"UAE used tourism to promote their region to the world. Nigeria can do this," Metuh says.

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3. Schools

Another way this can be done is by improving the quality of education in the country, so people can be proud to study in this country.

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4. Buy made in Nigeria (MiN) products

Silas Onmbayugh, Co Founder at Jolly.ng says: "When we buy a MiN product we are doing two things essentially.

"We're growing our economy by making sure the money stays home, secondly, we subconsciously tell others about who we are. The story we could be selling might be our culture, food, tourist attractions, entrepreneurial spirit, etc depending on what we engage with."

5. Buy Nigerian Music

Silas Onmbayugh says: "Watch Nollywood I know you might not be a fan of songs with lyrics like ‘…banana fall on you…’ but you just need to sieve through the various artistes we have available and support our own. Same with Nollywood. The new wave Nollywood movies are quite engaging and entertaining."

6. Positivity

Silas Onmbayugh also said: "Being positive about Nigeria as a state truth be told, it gets increasingly difficult to believe in a One Nigeria everyday but the means to achieving the alternative isn't attractive at all.

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"Our attitude is contagious. If we're going to transfer any demeanor it should be a positive one."

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7. Conduct

"Let's refrain from embarrassing ourselves on the international scene it is necessary to say it in the wake of Dammy Krane (a Nigerian artiste) who got jailed in the US for fraudulent activities.

"You'd think a well known person like that would distance himself from anything that would tarnish his image but he didn't. That's why I needed to say this again," Silas Onmbayugh concluded.

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