Blindfolded man identifies his wife by touching her hands

Blindfolded man identifies his wife by touching her hands

A video of a blindfolded man picking out his wife from a line-up of women has gone viral.

When you fall in love with someone, the both of you share a deep physical, mental and spiritual connection that is very powerful.

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In a recent viral video of a blindfolded man searching for his wife, the man is only allowed to hold each person's hand and tell if the person is his wife. Watch love work its magic in the video:

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The man went through a line-up of women to find his wife.

Women of different ages and sizes took part in the little game. The man walked round patiently, touching each lady's hand.

Once he reached his wife, he lingered on her hands and eventually pulled her into a loving embrace, to the pleasure of the crowd.

The man eventually found his wife and pulled her in a loving embrace.

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The power of love is a great one and here it brought the man straight to his love even though he could not see her.

Watch the video below of Nigerians telling who lies most between men and women:


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