Lady of the night and disabled street beggar meet and fall in love

Lady of the night and disabled street beggar meet and fall in love

- A lady of the night was heartbroken at being used

- A street beggar comforted her one day and offered her money for nothing in return

- They eventually got married

This is the emotional story of how a former lady of the night met and fell in love with a disabled street beggar.

Rajiya Begum, from Bangladesh, grew up in the streets without knowing her age or who her parents were.

In a Facebook post on the page of GMB Akash, a popular Bangladeshi photojournalist, Rajiya said she resorted to the world's oldest profession to provide for herself and her daughter.

However, she was heartbroken at being used by men constantly and ended up feeling unwanted and unloved.

This changed one day when she met Abbas Miah, the disabled beggar who would be her future husband.

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When Abbas saw her crying, he offered her all the money he had that day without asking for anything in return.

Rajiya wrote: "For the first time in my life that evening, someone gave me something without using me. That day I cried deeply while returning to my hut. That day for the first time, I felt loved."

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Rajiya said she later looked for him and got to know him better. He revealed that his wife had left him because of his disability.

The two grew close and have now been married for four years.

Rajiya's story touched the hearts of hundreds of commenters. Adiba Moazzem wrote: "This is one of the purest form of love as it has empathy and compassion in its core."

Nooruddin Mohammed wrote: "Heart touching tale. You did a great job Akash by bringing out this "true love story" to light. Well, we can just wish the "couple" a very happy life."

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